Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Budding Photographer

Yesterday Makayla and I had lots of fun playing with our cameras together.   Kobe is not keen on modeling for us anymore, unless he gets to do exactly what he wants.  Yesterday was especially hard as it was so cold and windy.  He kept saying 'no mummy, me go home now please' :) 

Makayla decided to be very brave and let him use her camera to take photos of us.  He liked that a lot more than being our model.

He would get so excited and would look at the photo he took and say 'yes!'.
His little fingers had trouble finding the shutter button while he looked through the view finder at the same time,  but he eventually got it.

He was cracking us up as he kept directing us, and telling us what to do before he would get his shot.   There was lots of 'no, sit down!' as we would both jump up to try to grab the camera. I was just worried he was going to drop it!
These are the photos he took.  Very random, but I actually think he's not a bad photographer! I think he's quite artistic :)


  1. I think he has great talent! Beautiful photos!!

  2. He is actually very good!! That one in the collage , the big one of you taking a photo is VERY good. I am amazed. Shouldn't be tho - his Mum is pretty darn good with a camera.

  3. He's got mad skillz...just like his MUM! :)

  4. He's sure has inherited your talent! And your adorable good looks!

  5. hehe, i love it! :) he got some very artsy shots. We need to bring a point and shoot for him next time :) xxx

  6. i am thinking how this generation of children have much more access (and are allowed to have) to technology than when i was a child..or even you...can you imagine your parents letting you play with an expensive camera???? we didnt even have one...he he...i love that they will probably be able to have super tecnology the size of a grain of sand and probably inserted in their iris so they just blink to take a the time i am really old...well in my 90's anyway

  7. Kobe takes great pictures Lisa! Maybe you should invest in a kid's digital camera. I picked up a puppy dog one at Target for Will so when I get my camera out he can have fun as well!


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