Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hawks V Lions

Today we braved a cold, windy day to go and watch the Hawks V the Lions at Aurora.   When Aaron went on the school footy trip last weekend, a student gave him a cool t-shirt that his Mum had made, so he wore it again today.

Kylie's kids Patrick and Lauren were lucky enough to be able to be part of the guard of honour as the Hawks ran out and through the banner. I wanted to get close and take photos but it was like I was trying to blow up the stadium or something, as it was really hard to get around with security stopping me all the time.  Luckily I ran into our friend Shayne who works for Hawthorn, so he got me through security so I could be right up close as they ran out. 

It was a good game with Hawks taking off early and then the Lions coming back, but Hawks winning by 42.

We love having the Watsons close to us now as the kids take turns coming over to sit with Grandma.

We love having our Hawthorn family membership as it means we have the same seats all year.  The same people sit around us all the time and there is a lovely family who sit in front of us at each game.  The husband often has a chuckle at the things that Aaron or the boys say and today they were a bit chatty with us.  Aaron was stirring up his two sons as they obviously have a Hawthorn family membership too as their Dad is a Hawks fan, but the two boys go for Collingwood and Essendon with Hawthorn being their 'second team'.

The Dad obviously didn't brainwash them early enough like Aaron did with our boys! ;) Today Harri bought a magnetic ladder board for his bedroom, and was having lots of fun moving the teams up and down the ladder with the boys in front of us helping him.

My camera ran out of battery (shame on me!) so I ended up taking the photo above on my iPhone and also took this video on my phone at the end of the game.  You can hear Aaron stirring up the boys in front of us at the end.   It was the last game for the season that we will see live as the next game is on a Sunday, but we hope the same family is sitting in front of us again next year. 


  1. Nive action shot of Hodgey. I must say he looks very 'fit'.
    Love Mum.

  2. Are you in the running to 'win a night with Luke Hodge?' I must say it wasn't so warm this time round and everyone seemed a bit subdued. Great shots, I might steal them for my blog.


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