Saturday, 2 July 2011

Another Year, Another Footy Trip

Every year Aaron says he isn't sure if he is going to run the school footy trip again, as it's a huge job to organise it, but every year he always seems to end up doing it again, and always has a great time.   This weekend has been the footy trip and I think it's the 7th footy trip he has been on with the school.  The past few months he has been busy meeting with students, organising flights, accommodation, buses, tickets to the games and working out an itinerary.

Aaron and three other teachers took 50 grade 9 and 10 students to Melbourne to watch three games of footy, and to do other activities in Melbourne.  It is the biggest trip so far for the school.  He's 'lucky' (so he thinks - others may not :) as he will be watching Hawthorn play four live games in a row, as we saw them at Aurora two weeks ago, in Melbourne last week when we went as a family, he will be watching them play this weekend with the students, and then they play again at Aurora next week!  He went off well prepared with all his Hawks gear.

He left yesterday morning at 4.30 am and I heard Harri get up just before he left to give him a cuddle before he left. That didn't stop Harri getting up at 7.30 am for school and crying because he 'missed Daddy' (already!).

I always say to Aaron that I talk to him more when he is away in Melbourne for three days than when he is home, as he seems to be constantly ringing or the boys want to ring him.  It's always a long weekend for me when he is gone, but it doesn't worry me as I'm happy he gets to do something fun and gets away for the weekend and I find I'm more organised when he is gone, as I know I have to do everything myself.   I was very lucky this weekend to have Alison and Di offer to help me out a little.  Last night Alison came around and looked after Noah for me while we went to watch Jalen play basketball.  It's not nice taking Noah out at this time of the year, so I was very grateful that he could stay home where it's nice and warm. 

When we got back from basketball we had fun Skyping with Joey, and talking to Aaron on the phone (for probably the 5th time that day!).

It's been fun watching what Aaron is up to via Facebook as he updates it using his phone, and has been posting photos. The boys love being able to see things instantly and know what he's doing at that exact moment.  He was so excited yesterday to be on the MCG tour with Alan Joyce as their tour guide.   I would have no clue who he is, but supposedly he's an old premiership winning coach for Hawthorn.  Aaron said he felt like crying when he saw him and told him that it was an honour to meet him and supposedly Alan was very modest about it all.

Last night they watched the Demons V the Bulldogs.  He was loving it as you can send in photos of yourself at the game and they put some of them up on the big screen at Etihad Stadium, and one of Aaron's pics got up on the screen.   Supposedly that earnt high fives all round from the students near him!

This morning Di came up for a couple of hours and looked after Noah, Jay and Kobe for me while I took Harri to Auskick. He loves going to Auskick with Aaron and was sad that he wasn't here to take him but still had fun - especially in his new footy boots that were a bargain in Melbourne last week.

Straight after Auskick was over, Harri wanted to ring Aaron to tell him all about it (probably his third time he'd spoken to him that day!).
Noah was very spoiled while we were gone, and was fresh and clean when we got home. We can't have In Home Support on the weekend, but Di offered to look after the boys as a friend, so I felt very lucky to come home to having Noah all sorted for the day as she still did her usual IHS tasks for me.
Aaron has had lots of fun today going shopping, and to Luna Park before going to a game tonight - Cats V Bombers.

It seems that at least once every hour Harri says 'can I ring Daddy? I have something to tell him'.  I text Aaron to see if he is busy, and then he will ring to talk to the boys.   The thing that Harri always wants to tell him is about the football that he's been watching on TV and updates Aaron on all the scores!

Kobe has also loved talking to him on the phone.  Whenever he hears a door open he yells 'Daddy's back!' and then starts crying when he realises that he's actually not.

Aaron doesn't get back till 11 pm tomorrow night so the boys won't see him till monday, which seems like a lifetime for them, but it's been nice that they've been able to ring him lots and see his photos on facebook.  I'm sure he will be so tired when he gets home - it usually takes him at least a week to catch up on sleep, especially since he has to be at work again on Monday as usual.

It's only a few more weeks and it's my turn to go away for a couple of days, while Aaron is a single Dad for the weekend :)


  1. I am so behind on your blog. Happy Birthday Lisa! Happy Birthday Noah! 10- Wow! Loved the video clip, so sweet.. Looks like you had a fab time in Melb! Love the pics :) looks like Aaron's having fun on the footy trip :)

  2. Sorry I've been MIA. :) Summer time is BUSY! But I've missed you! I loved catching up on all your fantastic pictures. I love the one with Aaron and the bulldog. Bulldogs are my favorite dog. :)


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