Monday, 18 July 2011

From my shower...

this is what I see every morning.  Kobe drags his blanket and pillow in each morning, and plonks himself on the step and says 'good morning Mum!' as he sits there and watches me have a shower, and chats away quite happily.   Usually after a few minutes he says 'me hop in too!' and wants to join me.

I don't mind it - it's actually quite nice to chat to him each morning.   I'm sure in a few years he won't be so keen on it!


  1. aww cute. is he sleeping longer then??

  2. and will you be happy when mr Cuteness himself is 12-14 ans still sitting on that step chatting to you...he he!!!!!

  3. Thank goodness that picture was from your perspective and not his! hahahaha

  4. Rosie gets in the shower with me most mornings too! And I rarely have baths cause cant stand having kids in with me!!! x Chels


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