Thursday, 14 July 2011

Theme Day

Today was 'theme day' at the boy's school and each class got to choose which theme they were going to dress up as.  Jalen's class chose 'crazy' and Harri's and Noah's class chose 'Pyjamas'. Harri thought it was fantastic being able to wear his Hawks dressing gown to school over his PJ's.

Jay wore his clothes back the front, odd shoes, a Dorothy the Dinosaur tail and his scarf around his head. 

Harri was so excited to see what everyone else was wearing at school.

He is still best friends with his friend Sarah from Kindergarten.  He is always saying 'Sarah did this' and 'Sarah said that'. I hope they will always stay good friends right through school as she is a lovely girl.

Noah isn't having a great week, and has only gone to school one full day this week (after being rung up to pick him up half way through Monday).  He probably could've gone today except Di is also sick, so I decided to just keep him with me all day rather than worrying about sending him to his other school.  It was a pity as his class were also wearing pyjamas and I had Ben's pyjamas all ready for him to wear.  Hopefully next time he will get to be a part of it all too.


  1. Theme day is awesome, can't wait until Darcy can do those sort of things!

  2. i used to cringe when my girls where at high school and did inhibitions back then!!!!
    the same as now by the looks of Jay and it!!!

  3. LOVE theme days. They look so cute. I'd be happy for a pj theme everyday, in fact I had one yesterday. Love Kobe shoes btw. xo

  4. Theme days are so much fun! Jay looks great in his back to front gear and scarf around his head! How cool for Hari to be able to almost roll out of bed and be ready for school! Amelia would love the dressing gown!


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