Monday, 4 July 2011

Everyone is happy...

now that Dad is home.  There were hugs all round this morning.  Kobe was so excited when he discovered that Aaron was in our bed when he got up this morning.  He said 'hi Daddy!' and then five minutes later 'I love you too Daddy' (instead of just saying 'I love you' he always says 'I love you too').

Aaron had a great weekend (despite the Hawks terrible loss to the pies), but is really glad to be home and said he missed us all.  I was expecting the usual 'this is the last time I'm doing it', but he said he felt different this time as they didn't do as much walking and wouldn't mind doing another one. We will see what happens next year.  

I've been trying to find the camera he took with him to see if he had any cool photos but can't find it.  I did however find a thank you card and chocolates from the students...I wonder if I will be killed if he gets home and all the chocolates are gone!? ;)


  1. What chocolates!!!!
    Maybe he left them in the hotel room!!!

  2. ooohhhhh, new look to the blog :) nice pic, love layered hugs (when I'm in the mood ;)

  3. Oh that is beautiful...... sometimes I think boys are more huggy than girls. It's nice to know how much you are loved!!! :)


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