Wednesday, 6 July 2011


What was meant to be a quick phone call to Noah's paediatrician's office to get a script for a med, turned out to be a very long afternoon at the hospital.   The receptionist said that if I wanted I could just have an appointment the next day, and get the script done at the same time.  We usually have an appointment every 3 months, but if something urgent comes up they always fit us in.   A few things have been going on with Noah, and I didn't think we could wait till his next appointment to talk it over, so I gratefully snapped up the appointment before they gave it away to anyone else.

After lots of discussion his doctor decided that it was time to have a blood test as we hadn't had one done since the last time he was in hospital.  We had to go up to the hospital to pick up some meds, so thought we may as well get the bloods done at the same time to save another trip.

Noah is always really hard to get blood from.  They always have trouble finding a vein and because he is so puffy lately, it doesn't make it any easier.  We spent a while down in pathology while one nurse and then a second one tried to find a vein.

They didn't want to try again so they rang upstairs to the kids ward, to see if any doctors were around that could try to get some.  They said to come up which Kobe was so excited about, as he knew it meant he got to have a play in their cool playroom (phone photos sorry!).

We waited for about half an hour for the doctors while they treated another little girl.

We finally got into the treatment room, and then had to wait a little longer. 

Kobe was so good all afternoon - he loves the hospital and was kept occupied by just checking everything out.

After a couple of attempts in the same spot they finally found a vein and Noah was bleeding really well until he jerked his arm, and the needle came right out!

They then attempted two more spots in his hands, before deciding that he was too cold (Noah's normal temp is 35.5 C) and too puffy to get anything from, and told us to come back in a week and to make sure we got him as warm as possible before coming in. 
It took an hour and forty five minutes for them to decide that it wasn't going to happen, so it was a long afternoon for nothing, but Noah was so good throughout it all.  Check out his cute fat rolls - I'm thinking it's about time he joined the gym! ;)


  1. Poor Noah :( Nothing worse when they can't find a vein at least he coped well through it all being a pin cushion!

  2. oh no Poor Noah...i hate those vampire needles at the best of times...but to have FIVE goes at getting the blood ...You are very brave Noah...hugs and Nettie kisses coming your way Noah..XXXXOOOOO

  3. Oh and i forget to tell Kobe he is a very good boy too for being so patient while Noah and Mummy had to wait for the doctors....Good job Kobe

  4. That treatment room is so familiar. Jonty likes climbing on that bench next to the window and trying to peel those things off the window. I hope they can get some blood next time round. Noah can be our personal trainer - yelling at us to get our knees up higher in Attack. :)

  5. do they try heat packs at all? I get heat packs and a blanket when I donate plasma/platelets to help it all flow at the right rate.
    Maybe you could suggest this - and bring one in so they don't have to track one down.
    Put one on the elbow and one on the shoulder and it makes a huge difference!

  6. Hi Anonymous - yeah they have used heat packs before and were thinking of doing it but after so many attempts it was too late and they didn't want to keep messing with him, so said to come back in a week and make sure he's warmer.


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