Friday, 15 July 2011

Student Free Day

Today the boys had a student free day, so we had lots of plans to keep busy during the day - gym in the morning, lunch with a friend and then an appointment in the afternoon with our friend Marlo. 

By 9 am our plans had changed dramatically.   Marlo texted to say she wasn't feeling well and had to cancel the appointment which was supposed to be after lunch.    We went out to the van to go to the gym and it was 0 degrees outside - frost everywhere. The van doesn't like the cold at all,  and doesn't like if any of the doors aren't shut properly.  Noah's wheelchair lift always goes extra slow in the cold, and if we leave a door not shut properly for too long we end up with a flat battery.

After the boys were in, I chucked some water on the windows to get rid of the ice and then tried to start it up.  It was totally dead!   My first thoughts were 'oh no!! It's Friday and I'm going to miss Attack!' and then I calmed down and thought that maybe it was more important that I worried whether the boys were going to freeze to death! ;)

We rang RACT and sat and waited for them to come.  We weren't sure how long they were going to be, but decided to wait in the van as it's such an effort to get Noah and in and out and just prayed that they came quickly before we froze.  Noah was all rugged up anyway, so I knew he would be fine, but I had my gym shorts on and by the time RACT came twenty minutes later my toes felt like they were about to drop off.

The guy had a look at the battery and tested it.  The print out said it definitely needed replacing, but we actually had the wrong sized battery in - the van needed a much bigger one. It's no wonder it would go flat quickly if a door was left open.

The guy rang the workshop at RACT to see if they were busy and we headed straight there to get a new battery as the RACT van didn't have the size we needed. All the way there Harri and Kobe kept asking if we were going to go to the gym. I kept saying we probably weren't and Kobe burst into tears saying 'go to gym Mummy!'.  I knew exactly how he felt - was so disappointed that I had hung out all week for my favourite class and had to miss it, but I guess sometimes things are more important :)

We got the battery put in and then to cheer the boys up we decided to go to Kmart to check out the toys.  That kept them occupied for half an hour.

We were looking forward to a visit from Fiona, who we hadn't seen for a few months since Kobe and I went to visit her at uni.  She hadn't seen our new house yet, so it was nice to have her around for lunch, and it was nice that the boys didn't have school, so she could see them too.

Kobe was loving having her here, and kept bringing out books for her to read to him. 

Noah is doing some strange things the past week that seem to be brain related - funny calling out and 'talking' that he doesn't usually do - especially in the middle of the night.  Today he was very vocal again and was doing lots of talking while Fiona was here. It's nice to see, but not when it goes on for hours and hours and the only way he stops is when he has a seizure. 

It's going to be another couple of weeks at least until we work out the right doses of his meds or have a total change of meds, before he will settle down again.  This happens every couple of years or so and it's always a pain to change his meds around.  We're having some long nights with him not sleeping well, which means I'm not sleeping well either.  I love hearing his voice, but am not so keen at 2 am on hearing it.  Fingers crossed we'll have him sorted out soon.


  1. Oh my goodness - I didn't realising you were taping while I was reading that book. You should have told me to shut up!!!
    Thanks again for a lovely lunch in your beautiful home with your fabulous thermomix. I LOVE hanging out with you :)

  2. nice when frinds pop by and visit... trouble is we are too far out in "the country" as one person told me..guess if you are on a budget for petrol a 10 minute drive is a bit on the budget hey???? love that Noah is so vocal in this clip...mmmmwwwwwaaahhh for Noah and my new found sunday friend Kobe...


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