Monday, 28 February 2011

On the last day of summer

I picked up Noah from school at lunchtime for an appointment.  We headed up the river to both see our friend, and have a treatment - Noah had oxygen energy therapy (a whole other post) and I had another treatment on the Ornamed for my bronchitis.

Every time we drive past the Tamar Island Wetlands I say to Aaron that we need to go there one day for a walk.  Aaron isn't the 'walking and enjoying nature' type, which isn't good because I am, especially when I have my camera in hand.  Today was a beautiful sunny day and the last day of summer (I don't even want to say that as we really didn't have a proper summer this year), and Noah was wide awake just as we were about to drive past on the way home, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go for a walk together and get some vitamin D on those weak bones of his :(

Kobe was excited at first to go for a walk, but the excitement soon wore off when he saw a stuffed Womat in the visitors centre and absolutely freaked out, thinking it was a real live animal looking right at him!  After screaming the place down he decided that going for a walk wasn't going to be much fun at all, and just sat on the boardwalk sulking!

The lovely lady from the visitors centre came out to show us where the cool frogs were, and after Kobe saw them he decided that it may be okay to go for a little walk.

Noah is looking super thrilled to be hanging with his cool Mum on a school day hey!? ;)

Kobe cheered up for about 100 metres...

but it didn't last long as he got sick of walking and kept falling behind me and Noah.

We finally made it to the first bridge and he was happy to hang and check things out, but that was as far as he was going (unless we wanted to be there till midnight).

The little rat decided that he then wanted me to carry him back the rest of the way. I told him no way and he had to walk, so he sat down and grizzled instead.  With Noah's new chair being so big, I noticed there was a lot of room in front of him, so I put Kobe up with him to have a ride which I thought he would love, but in typical stubborn two year old style, he decided that wasn't good enough either and just sat there yelling 'no!' at me.

All the way back he dawdled as I yelled 'we have to go and pick up the boys at 3 o'clock Kobe! Hurry up!!'.

Next time I'll make Aaron come with me with the stroller, so we can actually enjoy the experience and get to the end! What I thought would be a lovely fun afternoon, turned out to be quite frustrating, but at least we got out in the sun.  It's hard to stay frustrated at this cute little grumpy face for long though.


  1. Lol. I hate it when things go pear-shaped like that!! I'm laughing at Kobe and also in memory of the many two year olds I've known!!!! Good luck next time!

  2. Sorry I'm laughing over here! You've gotta love toddlers :) LOVE that picture of Kobe pushing Noah!

  3. Beautiful colours down at the wetlands.

    I bet Noah is enjoying his lovely new chair. I'd love the sparkle in the paint too.

    That pouty little face is so cute! That's a photo to bring out at his engagement party!

  4. He's reminding me of Sisi again :) LOVE that last photo

  5. I love that Kobe! He keeps life exciting. :) And your pictures are so classic of him. Good stuff! LOVE the new chair.

  6. yep, sounds like many of my outings!!!

  7. Haha! Oh, Kobe!! :P I love the pictures, so beautiful, i would love to go there! Love that last grumpy pic - classic! Noah's new chair looks great :)

  8. p.s. love the new header - it's SO you guys! :)


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