Saturday, 23 October 2010

YW Hike

It's been a full on couple of weeks with Noah being in hospital, moving house, and Aaron going away for three days on school camp (and just getting back yesterday). I wouldn't have liked anything more but to stay home all day today, since it's our first weekend in the house, so we could continue unpacking and organising things, but instead we had a YW hike planned with the girls from church.

I have been so tired and rundown (and have the stress/rundown cold sores to prove it), but knew that once I got with the girls and on the hike it would be a lot of fun and I was right. It was the perfect day for a hike.

We went to Bakers Beach and was hoping to hike to Archers Knob, but the track was closed because of a landslide, so instead we walked part of the track and then headed to the beach. On the way we of course had to have a play at the sand dunes.

Before we left we gave each of the girls an egg to carry and just told them to 'look after it'.

It was all to do with an object lesson on standards and how you can get cracks in them if you let your standards drop, how you should strengthen yourself (some had hard boiled eggs) and how you can give your egg away to anyone else (peer pressure) etc. Toni and I had lots of fun going around smashing girls eggs when they weren't looking. Toni even asked one of the girls to have a look at hers and then smashed it right in front of her! It was all part of the lesson though - and they didn't know what it was about till right at the end :)

The beach was absolutely beautiful. I hadn't been there since high school and thought that we should go there more, but don't think it would be easy to get Noah there.

Some of the younger (crazy!) girls went for a little swim in the freezing water.

It was nice to just sit and enjoy the view while we had lunch. We were even lucky enough to spot a whale!

The girls had a bit of a play before we headed back to the visitors centre.

It was such a lovely day, to spend with awesome girls. We did have three girls get sidetracked for a while and we noticed they weren't with the group and had to send out a search party for them. Finally we found them and they told me that they decided to say a prayer, and in it they said 'please bless the leaders won't be too mad with us when they find us!'. It cracked me up! I asked them if I was mad and one of the girls said 'yeah you were a bit!!' They obviously haven't seen me really mad :)

Being with the girls and having some nicer weather makes me look forward more to summer and YW camp - can't wait!


  1. Love the pics, so bright and colourful. Jealous

  2. what a beautiful beach - the water is so blue!

    I wish, oh how I wish, we could get our YW together! Too bad we can't come to Tassie for Youth Conference!!! ;)

  3. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! That beach is absolutely breathtaking. That's it. I'm packing up the house. Hurry and find us one close to you. :)

  4. Lovely pics Lisa. I did the egg thing with some YW when I was in Stake YW's too. It's a fun object lesson hey. Don't think I was quite as ruthless as you and Toni though :-)

  5. I remember my Miss Jemima egg - she was the most precious thing! Love the jumping pics, looks like Tassie is having some awesome weather!


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