Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hard at work

Today was a big day at work (for me anyway!). I did two shifts - roller skating in the morning, and then the bike centre this afternoon. The boys were also able to come along to the bike centre as an extra activity, which they loved.

Harri was a bit funny at first as he wanted me to be with him the whole time. I would give him a little cuddle and then tell him I was helping the little boy I was with, and he said 'but I miss you Mum!'. After about ten minutes he decided he didn't need me anymore and had fun playing with Jay and the other kids.

I have done LOTS of walking today - pushing kids in wheelchairs round and round the roller skating rink, and then again at the bike centre. Hopefully it makes up a little bit for not getting to the gym a lot lately. My boss was very particular about who I worked with and wouldn't let me push the bigger kids around.

Last time I worked with the school holiday program I pushed a HUGE teenage girl around in a wheelchair at roller skating. I didn't just walk, but ran around and around with her and pushed her up and down the ramp as she loved it so much, and would get really excited when I would go fast. I didn't realise that I was actually just pregnant at the time, and kept coming home from work sooooo tired! I thought it was just because I hadn't done work like that for a long time.

Some of the kids that came skating this morning, also came to the bike centre. They got to know me at skating and then when I turned up at the bike centre with my boys, a couple of the girls were fascinated that Noah was my son. Then when I went to give him a (tube) feed one girl was asking me lots of questions. She also kept asking me why certain (autistic) kids were doing certain things and why a little boy that I pushed around a lot, kept hitting his head. Her brother has a very mild disability, so she obviously wasn't used to being around kids with more profound disabilities.

Noah decided to sleep all morning at home, and also slept through all of the activity at the bike centre.

Five minutes before it was time to leave he decided to wake up!

It is nice being able to go to work and also take the boys and Aaron along with me. Aaron and I walked around together for ages at the bike centre today, with him pushing Harri while I pushed another boy in a wheelchair. Tomorrow I have just one shift without the boys this time. We are doing square dancing which is always interesting with lots of wheelchairs.


  1. Looks like a great day allround. Noah had the right idea though, today was a good day for snoozing.

  2. I love the new look. very summery. Please get someone to take a photo of you square dancing. I could do with a good chuckle. :)

    Nat asked after you at Step today. Told her about the job and progression of belly.

  3. Simone - glad they are missing me at the gym! :) I can't take photos at work today (square dancing) for confidentiality reasons. All the photos I have taken at work (or Aaron has taken) have been without clients in them. Sorry - you won't be able to laugh at me ;)

  4. Such a neat place I bet all the kids loved it. Jay and Harri looked like they were having a blast though Noah looked like he had better places to be.

  5. the bike centre.....I took Heidi there (my daughter) 20 years ago.. nice to see it still looks the same... I should look out the photos and post them .. there is a very young Josh Prebble and Mel Watt.. they were about 4/5 yrs old...


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