Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Smile with Kobe!

After I was lucky enough to win the Smile Photography Competition at Meadow Mews last year (with a really random photo that I didn't enter till the last minute!), I thought I would enter it again this year - just for a bit of fun. Last year I won a digital camera package which included a digital camera and photo printer. I hardly ever use it as I love my SLR, but it's nice having a spare camera for those times when I don't want to lug my big camera around.

This year I entered about 15 photos - all of the boys doing different things, but of course most of them were of Kobe as he is good for taking cute photos. Today I got a phone call from the lady at Meadow Mews saying that one of my photos was selected as a finalist! I couldn't believe it as I really thought last year was just good luck and didn't think I would have a chance of getting into the final this year.

The photo they selected is one of Kobe that I took in May when we were raking up the autumn leaves at the front of our house.

The woman told me that this year it is a 'people's choice' award, meaning that people have to vote for the winner. The winner of each centre wins a $600 digital camera package and is then in the national final and has a chance of winning $10,000. I'm not that keen on the local prize but I definitely wouldn't knock back $10,000!

The photos are displayed from next Thursday at Centro Meadow Mews for a couple of weeks. You can either vote at Meadow Mews or online. I would LOVE some help to win so I can be in the national final to win $10,000. I know I have no hope of winning it, but have already been dreaming about what I would do with $10,000 - only problem is that there are too many options - we could either put it towards the house deposit (still having NO luck finding any houses!! Grrr), go on a big spending spree and buy lots of things that we 'need' but don't want to waste the money on -like a new table and new couch, buy Noah a new wizz bang mattress for his bed (we priced one the other day and it cost more than a whole king sized ensemble!), buy a second car, get some plastic surgery and liposuction done, buy LOTS of chocolate (to undo all the benefits of the liposuction that was previously done!) , buy lots of cool new clothes, or go on a really great family holiday somewhere fun and warm :)

Who says money can't buy happiness!!!? ;)

If you don't want to vote for Kobe's photo (and why wouldn't you!!?) then you can always help out by voting for my friend Kylie who is also in the final - and was last year too!! Her photo of her cat is awesome. I will post more info about voting as soon as I find out.


  1. You got it the wrong way the chocolate, then get the liposuction done.

  2. Ha - love your list of things to do with the cash! Just remember last years photo was just an average shot and nowhere near as cute as Kobe in the leaves! Good luck and thanks for the free plug!

  3. Oh - I should clarify I meant the national winner last year was just an average shot - not yours of your Dad and Pop!

  4. how cool Lisa! You are awesome! Wouldnt that be so funny to win again!! Good luck darl!

  5. lol Kylie - I thought you were being very cruel about my photo! Nah - I knew what you meant! :) It was a very average shot - goes to show that you never know what will win.

  6. I should get some of the prize money.
    I can just see The Kobester thinking "Great, Grandma is baby-sitting, and she really does need botox!!"
    I love that photo of him. He is a darling.
    Love Mum.

  7. He is so adorable. I just want to kiss his cheeks. Good luck to you.

  8. Congrats Lisa, that photo is sooooo cute

  9. Yay! I was there when you took that photo! I feel so honored! ;) ;)

    I'll vote for you all the time. Let us know when we can vote.

    Also: you could always sell the camera package if you won it.

  10. Who wouldn't vote for kobe! you're def gonna get that 10,000...just remember who your REAL friends are- wink wink...hey hey!! haha

  11. That is true Steph, but I am already needing the liposuction even before spending lots of money on chocolate :)

  12. it is a gorgeous photo Lisa. hope you win the $10,000 - how awesome would that be?

  13. How exciting would it be winning 10,000 - and yes - good luck with deciding what to do with, I had a hard enough time when i won that $500 voucher!!!!! (oh - and I love how you are already thinking about it!!)


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