Thursday, 23 July 2009

X-rays and Pictures

Today Noah had a review at the orthopaedic clinic at the hospital. They wanted him to come in to just check that the cast was going okay and to see if the bone had started healing at all yet. He has literally been laying down ALL week and in a lot of pain, so I was really worried about getting him into his wheelchair and getting him to the hospital. Aaron's school has been great and had no problem with him leaving early so he could come to the appointment with me and help me lift him and keep him as comfortable as possible.

It's such a pain that he has a broken leg (literally!! ha ha) as he actually looks really well at the moment - now that he is over his last chest infection. I'm now paranoid that he may get another chest infection as he's laying around so much and not having all the postural drainage and position changes that he usually has.

Luckily the appointment was pretty quick and he coped okay. We first of all had to go up to radiology to get an x-ray done.

They then sent us back to orthopaedics with the x-ray. We had a sneak peak at it on the way there - it looks awful! The bone up the top is supposed to be straight.

We found out that the orthopaedic department at the LGH is full of young pretty boy Drs! There were all these young Drs there who were all dressed really well. We saw one of the head Drs who said he saw Noah's x-ray on Saturday when we were in emergency. He said that the bone hadn't healed at all since the weekend, but it also hadn't gotten worse so the cast was doing the job. He asked us if there was ever any chance that Noah could walk. We told him there wasn't and he said that he felt that he shouldn't operate (as they usually would) as it would just put extra stress on Noah's body as he would have to have a general anesthetic. We all agreed that it wasn't necessary to operate and we are happy with the plan that they have - to keep the cast on for another two weeks at least and then review him again, and possibly put him in a splint rather than a cast which will be a lot easier to handle. The Dr also warned us that this would most likely not be Noah's only broken bone as he has osteoperosis. We told him we realised that and that it was actually his second broken bone. It makes you paranoid about lifting or doing anything with him, but unfortunately it's just a part of life for him.

While we were out Mum got took a phone message from Noah's school saying that they were shutting down tomorrow and Monday as everyone is so sick with the flu. I said to Aaron that is actually probably a big blessing that he is home at the moment as he would probably get really sick being at school right now.

Yesterday in the mail we got a beautiful card and drawings from the Watsons for Noah. Maddi had drawn some awesome pictures for Noah. This one cracked us up as you can actually see that Noah's leg is wonky in the picture - he is the one on the right hand side with the big smile on his face! I am the second one with the very serious face on - Maddi obviously knows how I'm feeling right now! :) Thanks Maddi for the beautiful pictures - Noah loves them and they made him feel lot happier :D

Mum looked after the boys while we were at Noah's appointment today and on the spur of the moment we made a decision for Harri to go and spend three nights out with Mum and Dad. He was SO excited and kept saying 'it's going to be fun at Grandma's!!!'. It is nice seeing him so excited and happy to go off on his own. Jalen will join him tomorrow night.

Kobe wasn't impressed at all that Grandma was leaving him behind! We told him he could go next year when he was a bit bigger, but he really thought he should be going right now!


  1. Aw your boys are so cute!
    I hope Noah gets better soon...

    Oh! I had a dream about you and Noah the other night, it was so strange, we were all in Melbourne and you had to leave so you left Noah with mum and I, because mum used to have a boy who had a disability in day care and you thought she would be good...
    Anyway you forgot where he was and ran all around Melb looking for him, and we were in the bush with him because that is where you buy cheap petrol in Melb lol. Such a random dream!
    Sorry for the huge comment on your blog btw!
    Makayla =)

  2. isn't it great having such a wonderful mum?! So nice that she is able to help you out so much and be there when you need her.

  3. Oh Makayla - that IS a random dream!! Funny.

  4. At least Noah is looking a little brighter! Hope that he gets fully on the mend soon, we are thinking of you guys, it's lucky tat you have a great mum to come and take the boys so you can have a little less going on at home. Also it's great that Aarons school is helping out with giving him time off to help out. If you need anything just let us know.


  5. yay for harri spending 3 nights at grandmas...will be good to keep him busy for a bit!

    poor little kobe, lil is like that when ever mum leaves our house and she is just down the road!

    glad the appointment and getting noah to the hospital was okay, lets hope there is lots of healing by the time he has the next appointment.


  6. You look very severe in Maddi's pic. ;) What a marathon day! I so hope the pain subsides a bit for Noah and you can all breathe a little easier.
    Is Kobe looking for Harri?

  7. I love Maddi's drawing! Don't like the Xray though - ouch! I hope you get some rest this weekend.

  8. Glad you liked the drawings. Maddi was very excited to see it on the blog. I bet Harri will have a fantastic time at Mum and Dad's. We hope that Noah's leg improves a lot before the next review.

    By the way the word verification seriously is, "PAINKIN". What a crackup! Blogger must decide what the word verification is going to be based on what words are in the post. They've just left the letter 'g' off the end to not to make it too obvious!

  9. Kids just draw it how they see it...funny hey...but oh so to the farm for Harri... that is why Hattie loves to come..its the one on one that gives them the boost...YEAH FOR GRANDMA LORRAINE ...
    Get better soon Noah..sending you more hugs and Nettie's lipstick kisses

  10. Noah must be looking so happy now because he's probably a morphine addict!!! ;) Juuuust kidding.

    He is looking really well. That looks like such a nasty break though! I can't believe something like that happened so easily! Fragile little monkey!

    I'm off to bed! It's 4:30. Just for a nanna nap. I'm exhausted!

  11. that's exactly what Rowan does when Grandma drives off lately! And yeah for 3 days without a 4 yr old!


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