Thursday, 9 July 2009

Shares in The Examiner

I don't know how many times I get asked if we have shares in The Examiner! :) Since so many people have been asking me for my autograph I thought I'd better post the photo that was in Wednesday's Examiner. It was taken at Jess and Kyle's reception. We didn't get a photo as big as Jess and Kyle, or Sam and Lizzy but that's okay! ;D

Last week Jalen was also in the paper - in the Launceston Times which is a free weekly newspaper. He was photographed with his 'book buddy' from school for an article about how Punchbowl Primary works with their book buddy's.

Jay thinks he is VERY famous now. It was about two months ago when one of our photos was in the paper again for an article on Make a Wish. I think Jay thinks he walks down the street and everyone knows him as he has been in the paper a few times!


  1. Can I have an autograph?
    Love Mum.

  2. It's true. I'm always being hastled for interviews and information. It's like how celebrities' nannies are always really interesting to tabloids. The press is really interested in getting the inside information from me. Of course, it comes at a price, but, you know, I've got to get that bank balance up again somehow!!!
    Today's info: Noah had a bath at 520 while the rest of the Kings ate KFC. I got paid $100 for that. :)

  3. You guys do end up in there a lot - it's kinda funny!! I bet Jay does feel famous!!! :-)

  4. Fess up i know you all them and tell them your weekly calendar.... love the pics by the way.....


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