Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Learn to Swim

The next two weeks is Punchbowl Primary School's 'Learn to Swim' program. The grades 3 to 6 go swimming every day, and this year they get to do it at the Aquatic Centre. We had Di look after Noah for a couple of hours this afternoon, so Harri and I took the opportunity to surprise Jay while he was swimming.

He was really happy to see us.

The kids are divided into groups on the first day according to ability and then work with the same teacher every day as they try to develop their stroke techniques etc.

While Jay was swimming Harri and I both decided to have a play under the bucket. It was nice as there weren't many people there.

Because there was hardly anyone there Harri just sat at the top of the slide, waiting for the bucket to tip until he would go down.

Harri kept saying 'this is heaps of fun, isn't it Mum!!?'. He was just so glad to get out of the house as we have been home a lot since Noah's leg was broken.

It's great knowing they get such an intensive program while they are at school. I think by the end of the two weeks Jalen is going to be a very tired boy.


  1. Eliza was a VERY tried girl at the end off her 2 weeks.... but its good that they have it at the new pool...
    does miss wells have a latte at cube while their swimming????

  2. lol - I bet Miss Wells wishes she was having a latte, but she was very good sitting on the sidelines yelling encouragement to the kids :)

  3. It's great as they learn so much in two weeks. Patrick and Lauren had it at Grammar in first term this year and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. Oops i feel bad you had to wear an old top. Coming better now, still not 100% but getting there. I really should get to this aquatic centre... you have been heaps and it always looks like so much fun.

  5. Don't worry Simone - there was no one there to impress! ;D
    The boys love it there - it wasn't as warm as it had been yesterday so I didn't last long, but had fun running around with Harri under the bucket. Collette thinks we have shares there as we are there so often!

  6. I love that last photo Lisa. Definitely a keeper!


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