Sunday, 5 July 2009

A Long Week

Last week was a very long week, 'stuck' at home as Noah had 4 days off school in the end. It turned out that he had a high amount of glucose in his urine all week, was very tired, having lots of seizures, was really cranky when he was awake, and then he also had leukocytes in his urine (which can indicate an infection). I rang the GP to let him know that leukocytes and glucose were now showing up so he said that we could start antibiotics while we sent a sample off to pathology.

We started antibiotics and the next day was so different - Noah was awake again and happy and not yelling anymore :)

The strange thing was that the GP rang me a day after we started antibiotics to say that his urine sample was all clear so there was actually no infection. Because we had started antibiotics we decided to finish the course off and he has been so much better ever since. There was obviously something going on with him that antibiotics have helped, but it's hard to say what it is. Kobe would spend the morning watching Playschool with him in my bedroom (and playing with his feeding tubes!).

We have been looking to buy a house now for over 9 months. It will be nice to finally have our own place (if we ever find anything!), but the thing I will hate about moving from here is how close we are to everything - including school. It's been great that I have been able to get the boys to walk to school every morning, so I don't have to drag Noah out of bed to take them to school.

It was nice to have the week broken up a bit with Chloe and Lachlan coming to spend a hour or two while Steph had an appointment.

They were so cute together and loved playing in Noah's 'little room' with all the lights on.

Hopefully this week will be a better week with Noah being more awake and settled and back at school. We went to his paediatrician on Friday to see if he had any answers as to what is going on and he didn't, but said that he is obviously having excess sugars spill out into his urine but not his blood for some reason. He did say that having a lot of seizures can cause glucose to come out. We both agreed though that it's hard to know whether being unwell has caused him to have more seizures than usual (because his body is stressed). It's the hardest thing with Noah - trying to work out what is wrong. If only there was some way for him to let us know what it was - life would be a lot easier!


  1. Beautiful bright photos as usual Lisa. I love looking at them all. Although Noah has been sick this week, he couldn't have been in better hands - you've made the whole uncomfortable experience just that little bit more bearable for him.
    Big Hugs to you and I hope this week is a whole lot better.

  2. I'm glad to hear Noah is feeling better. You need a nice, big wheelchair friendly house to come up for sale in your street or nearby - Oh at just the right price too! Good luck with that.

  3. HI Lisa,

    Greta to see and rad your blog too!
    I'm so glad Noah is feeling better.
    Yes, and good luck with house hunting...don't you want to live near Deloraine again...oooh it's so lovely out here, the freezing cold wind belting down from the snow covered Western Tiers, and the delightful night time fog covering all the roads....aaahhhh!!
    Hope the real estate fairy looks after you!
    xxxx Tara

  4. lol - thanks Tara. No - I think we will stay clear of Delcity :) I actually love it out there, but as you said - it is pretty cold.

  5. Noah, Noah, Noah.
    What are we going to do with you?
    Love Grandma.

  6. Glad to hear that Noah is feeling better. Hope you find the perfect house.

  7. Glad Noah is much better frustrating for you though. Not having any solid answers would be difficult 'cause you can't be sure of anything. Good thing Noah is in such good hands.

    House hunting is fun and exciting and a real pain in the butt all at the same time huh? We looked for AGES, signed on one, then changed our minds as the real estate agent drove away!! That afternoon we found some land for sale 100m up the road! Everything fell into place and 1 year later we moved into our brand new home.
    It will all happen when the stars align and the timing will be perfect!

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I have just been catching up on your posts. You guys have been busy.Glad to hear Noah is doing better. It must be frustrating when you know he is not well and are not sure what is going on. Good luck with the house hunting, HF will look after you. We looked for ages to find the right house and when we did everything fell into place in every way possible and we are really happy living here.


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