Sunday, 12 July 2009

Super Soggy Saturday

Today the Hawks are playing against the Kangaroos at Aurora stadium. We knew they would be having a 'Super Saturday' at Aurora yesterday, but it was a really rainy day all day. Aaron said he wasn't really in the mood for going as he had a big week and Noah is also sick and a bit chesty so it wasn't going to be a great day to take him out anyway.

Harri said he was keen to go and watch the Hawks train and wanted to get his face painted, so I thought I would take Jay and Harri and leave Noah and Kobe at home with Aaron. Jalen also wasn't feeling so great, so it turned out to be just Harri and I, at a very soggy Super Saturday.

You can't actually tell from the photos but it was drizzling the whole time. Harri was excited to see Hawka, even though he seems him all the time. Funny how a guy in a silly costume can make kids get so excited!

Simon ended up bringing Hallie, Oliver and Rohan along as well. Rohan is a big Hawks supporter and also Hallie (yay - go Hallie!!!) and Oliver was telling me that he also goes for the Hawks.

Harri got the Hawks stripes painted on his face and so did Rohan. I actually thought they looked like tigers, but luckily it wasn't Richmond colours :D

Hawka kept the kids entertained by kicking them a footy over the fence.

He was actually quite funny. Because it was so wet the ground was very slippery and he kept on slipping over. He would get up and pretend he had pulled a hammie and would go limping off.

The team only came out and trained for about 20 minutes because it was so drizzly.

I expected them to go straight into the rooms because of the rain, but a few of the players came over to the fence to sign autographs which was nice. There was only a small crowd of people there so it was nice to get up close to them. Harri was so funny as his favourite player is Luke Hodge. He was right next to him signing autographs and Harri kept yelling out 'Hi Hodgey!! Hi Hodgey!! Hi Hodgey!!'. He finally looked up at Harri and said 'how you going mate!?' and it made Harri's day. As he was heading back to the rooms we grabbed him for a photo. He is such a lovely guy and didn't mind stopping for a photo at all.

A lot of the other players we close to us including Jarryd Roughead and Buddy Franklin and I kept saying to Harri 'say hi to Roughy' or 'say hi to Buddy' and he kept saying 'I don't want to!' as he didn't care at all about them being right near him - he only cared about seeing 'Hodgey'.

As we were leaving the players were getting on the bus so we also got a photo with Alistair Clarkson who was also really lovely.

Despite the cold and rain it was actually really nice just being out with Harri on my own. We don't often get to spend time alone since Kobe was born. When we got home Kobe couldn't take his eyes off Harri's face all painted up. It was so funny watching him stare at him, trying to work out what was going on.

Let's hope the Hawks have a better game today than they did last week!


  1. The Kobester will have nightmares!!
    Glad that you got to see some of the players. Well one day......
    Love Mum.

  2. It is always the days you question going out or when you're not really looking forward to it that you have the best time... Harri is lucky to have a mum that will take him out to a training session despite the cold and rain!

  3. hahaha love the pic of the mascot on the ground!! your youth activity looks guys are the BEST leaders in the world! and love that we made it in the examiner together...still a long way for me to go to make your fame status tho!! it took me FIVE newsagensy's to get the examiner down here...stupid hobart!!

  4. That photo of Hawka flat out on the ground cracked me up! Love the look on Kobe's face looking at Harri with the face paint.


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