Saturday, 4 July 2009

Jess and Kyle

Last night Aaron and I had a 'hot date' at Jess and Kyle's wedding reception. They were married in Melbourne a few weeks ago, and had their reception at the Tailrace Centre. Mum came to babysit the boys, and it was really nice to go out on our own (thanks Mum!).

Jess looked beautiful and they both look very happy together.

It was a really relaxed and fun night. Chelsea was their official photographer and was taking lots of fun photos of all the guests doing silly things with different props. It will be fun to see what the photos turned out like.

During the night we had poloroid photos taken and then we got to write a message on the bottom and put it on their little tree. It was a cute idea.

Their cake was incredible! It was chocolate mud cake surrounded by white chocolate.

Congratulations Kyle and Jess. It was lovely to be able to celebrate with you.


  1. he he! I was making a face cause of something Scott said right!!! You did great with that dim light! Just finished downloading over 1000 pics! ohhhh fun. Lucky Hattie is with Mum and Dad this week!!!! Great to see ya Lisa.

  2. What would the world do without "MUMS" hey Lisa....

    good to see Noah looking well today too and to get my "Hi Five" from Harri as he passed me in Sarament...ha ha

  3. haha love the pic of Scott giving photo advice to chels!


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