Monday, 13 July 2009

Cranky Teething Boys

Today is one of those days where you don't really enjoy motherhood and wish that you had a paid job that you could go to rather than being stuck at home all day. Lately we have been feeling like we have 'cabin fever' as Noah has had some time off school. He had a chest infection at the end of last week and although he isn't overly sick I feel more comfortable keeping him at home at the moment as he is really cranky and no one looks after him quite as good as Mum does :) He is also teething and finally his two adult teeth are about to break through his gums in the front. He lost his baby tooth there about 3 years ago, and because of all his meds his gums are very swollen so it's been hard for the teeth to come through. So for the last couple of weeks we have had a very cranky boy.

Kobe has also had a cold for a week or two that just doesn't want to go away. He has also been teething and surprised me with two new teeth last week. I thought he was just waking because he didn't feel well with his cold. He hasn't wanted to eat much at all and refused to eat his weetbix for breakfast, and instead just screamed.

I know I look like a terrible Mum taking a photo of their child in distress, but this went on for about 15 minutes as he kept chucking a tantrum and going to the nappy bag as he knows I usually have little containers of rice crackers and biscuits in there.

I kept showing him his weetbix but he kept crying, so I made him some vegemite on toast. He then cried even more and kept wanting me to open the nappy bag up.

Forty five minutes later we compromised. His breakfast still sat at the high chair, but he agreed to have some saltanas which I thought were a better option than biscuits for breakfast.

I was hanging out for lunch time when I knew it would be nap time.

It was a bonus that Noah decided to have a nap at the same time - finally some peace in the house!

Kobe woke up in a much better mood. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much happier day in the King house!


  1. arg! 1 grumpy kids suck! Rowan loves "tanies"... she is a 2 weetbix morning girl too with some tanies on top! Hope you get some me Mumma alone time soon!

  2. ah motherhood...the problem is even tho they are in distress they are still SO cute in those pics! Great post! hope you have a better day tomoz!

  3. gee I know what your feeling! Will is a real pain sometimes when it comes to food, some days he will not eat anything but by 9 he is tucking into his biscuits, usually we are at the gym so I can't push the weetbix option. Poor little Noah, hope he starts to feel better soon it's not nice being unwell.

  4. Oh no Lisa! You poor thing. Big hugs to you. xxx

  5. You are amazing ...i know i keep on saying it....there is light at the end of the tunnel.... they will soon be all grown up and married with families of their own, they will bring those grndkids home with just the same problems...oh the fun of it all!!!! Poor Noah and Kobe you have gotta feel for them...toothache sucks!!!

  6. Cabin fever, I know that feeling. I hope Kobe gets over his cold quickly (though the tanties might take a little longer :) and I hope that Noah's teeth also come through quickly so that is one less dicomfort for him.
    And as for the taking photos of your children at their 'finest;' soemetimes it is all you can do to stay sane, you should see the ones on my camera (though I have wondered what someone would think of me if they got hold of it and scrolled though)

  7. What did I learn from this post?
    1) I should probably not come to work tomorrow.
    2) Noah and Kobe have similar noses.
    3) I think you should do a grumpy kids series like Anne Geddes. Grumpy kids in flower pots, screaming, etc. So torturous.
    4) I will miss the King boys (and you) when I'm gone.

  8. Awwww Alison - that is nice, although I think you should be taking off and thanking your lucky stars you get 7 weeks away from the King boys! :)

    Steph - yesterday Kobe was so hilarious. Despite the horrible screaming it was actually quite funny as he was so cranky over me trying to eat his breakfast that I just had to pull out the camera. See you on Friday.

  9. I loved that one of cranky Kobe. It looked like it was the end of the world for him. Teething must be so painful, particularly for Noah with his gums already swollen. I hope they come thru super quick for him xx

  10. That second picture is so cute, even though he looks so sad! At least they both had a good excuse for being so grumpy!


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