Saturday, 25 July 2009

Unusually Quiet

It is unusually quiet in the King house at the moment. I'm actually not sure whether I'm loving it or hating it! Yesterday morning at 5.15am Aaron left to go to Melbourne for the annual school footy trip for three days.

This is his third or fourth year he has gone as a teacher. Last year he decided not to go as he had gone two years in a row and we had just had Kobe and we knew it would be too hard with him going away so soon after having a newborn. Unfortunately last year another teacher decided to take on the organising of the trip, and it had to be cancelled as it wasn't organised well enough.

Aaron was really disappointed for the students as it is a big thing every year that the grade 9s and 10s look forward to. He asked his principal if he could plan it again this year and she was more than happy for him to take it on again. As soon as the AFL fixture was announced at the beginning of the year Aaron decided on the dates they would go - he always works it around a weekend when there are really good games on at the MCG. Over the weekend they are watching Collingwood v Carlton, Hawks V Cats and Richmond V Essendon - all at the MCG.

Aaron had fun putting the itinerary together a few weeks ago. They also go to the aquarium, shop and spend time at the Casino tonight having dinner, going to the movies or playing arcade games.

It's a really long weekend on my own with the boys when he is gone, so we thought it would be good to send Jay and Harri out to Mum and Dad's for a night. It turned out that Harri will be there for three nights and Jay for two. After school yesterday Jay caught the bus on his own out to Deloraine. He was SO excited! He said it felt like he was going on the plane by himself. I was relieved to see that Jordan Christie was also going to be on the same bus as he was going home after school, so he kept his eye on him for me and made sure he got off at the right stop!

I spoke to the boys last night and they are having a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's. Everytime I talk to Harri he wants to talk to Kobe. Kobe sits with the phone up to his ear with a huge grin on, when he hears Harri's voice.

So - it is now just Kobe, Noah and I at home till tomorrow afternoon. It's nice having some quiet time in the house, but last night I was wishing Aaron was at home with me so we could enjoy the peace together! He was very stressed about leaving me with Noah's leg being broken, but it has been okay. So far I have coped okay with lifting him on my own. I have just made sure he has had a bigger dose of morphine before I have to transfer him to or from bed.

I am happy that he has gone on the school footy trip though. I know how much he loves it and how great he is with the students, and thinks he deserves to have some time just hanging out with them and having fun. There are three teachers to thirty students, and they only take students that they know will obey the rules and be responsible so it's usually a fun weekend away with little stress. Hopefully the game this afternoon will have a good result with the Hawks winning over Geelong as it will really make the trip worthwhile!


  1. You're lucky to get some time to yourself =) It is pretty quiet, even when just ONE family member is missing haha

  2. Hi Lisa, I love reading your blog, you are a gifted writer. I was sorry to hear about Noah's leg as he is such a lovely boy. I have got to know your family through the school holiday program and look forward to seeing you all in the September holidays. I am a bit like you in that I could be a carer for free and have forgotten to put pay slips in sometimes. Take care, A :)

  3. Hi lisa, hope Noah is doing alright the poor little tiger.
    Aaron the punk has been to Melbourne twice this month. are you secretly planning a shopping spree on the main land?

  4. I know, and he is going to sydney in 3 weeks!!! Noah is okay - pretty sore still. He would be a mess without the morphine.

  5. Jay and Harri were right at home this afternoon. We got to see a Michael concert! I can't believe that Jay caught the bus all by himself. You can send him up our way to visit now.

    It was definitely an exciting game. Well worth the trip. Hopefully Aaron will come home happy tomorrow, even though the outcome wasn't the best.

  6. oh no... I hope Aaron can forget the stress of that game and enjoy the trip! I just adore Jay and his hat. What a dude!


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