Monday, 15 June 2009

While Mum's Away.....

So.... what does Aaron do while I'm away for the weekend with the youth!? Get the boys in their Hawks gear and hangs out with the Hawks players of course! Yesterday Hawthorn played Brisbane at Aurora, which meant that the team was here training on Saturday. A new IGA supermarket just opened up near by, so as a promotion they had two Hawthorn players there meeting people and signing autographs - Clinton Young and Gary Moss.

Before training the boys went up there with Aaron and they said they were really lovely, and happy to sign Noah's new wheelchair which is finally finished! We were sad as we had only just got his old chair signed by most of the players and then the whole back had to be re-upholstered which meant there were no autographs on the back anymore :(

Later in the afternoon they headed to 'Super Saturday' to watch the Hawks train. Of course Kylie was also there which was great as Aaron said she was a great help with the boys. To see more photos from the afternoon you can check out Kylie's blog, as she got some great photos too.

I love this pic with Noah really looking at Hawka's stripes on his top. He finds it really easy to see contrasting colours like that, so it's something he really takes notice of.

Every time we see or meet Sam Mitchell we are very impressed with how lovely he is to the supporters and always takes time with them. Aaron said he was really lovely to Noah.

Harri's most favourite player of all is Luke Hodge. When he was born he got a Hawthorn bear which Aaron named 'Hodgie' and ever since then he has said that he was his favourite player. Aaron said he was such a great guy and really nice to all the kids around who were wanting his autograph and was more than happy to get his photo taken with Harri.

Unfotunately Aaron said it wasn't the same with all the players which is really disappointing. We have heard a few negative stories about 'Buddy' Franklin lately and how he treats his fans, and Aaron said he was quite rude when he was asked if he could sign Noah's wheelchair, whereas the other players couldn't me more happy to and really make an extra special effort to say hi to Noah. Buddy did sign it but Aaron was really disappointed in how he was, not only with Noah but with all the supporters. He is always the first one off the field and never makes a special effort to sign anything for the kids, whereas other (not so popular) players always make an effort with the supportors and take time with them. Despite Buddy having too big of a head, the boys had a great time. It was nice to see the photos when I got back.

Aaron and I were fighting over who was going to get the good camera for the weekend, and I won out (since it is actually my camera!), but luckily we had the camera I won last year on hand. The photos definitely aren't as good as they would me on my camera, but it's still nice seeing pics of the boys with the players, rather than just hearing about it. Noah's chair is now almost back to how it used to be!


  1. If only I could go to a Crows training session.

    It's good most of the Hawks players were public friendly

  2. looks like they had a wonderful time, how neat that the players signed Noahs chair.

  3. at least aaron knows how i feel!!!! richmond beating west coast give me a break!!!!

  4. May be Buddy she be wearing Hawka's head.

  5. Looks like they had fun!

    There are some really good pics of Noah there, so, yay!

    Glad to see Noah's chair is finished. It looks a little technical. Am I going to have to learn a password to get it going?!

    See you soon!

  6. Glad the chair is getting back to normal...hmm i wonder if the buddy incident will sway Aaron's opinion of him!

  7. Tell Aaron Hallie takes her Hawks footy to school everyday and plays footy with the gr 6 boys... they love her as you can imagine. She kicks really well and catches it in her chest. As long as they don't tackle her. When we told her the hawks were playing on Sun and she couldn't go, she cried!! Maybe Aaron would like to adopt a daughter... i bet she would have more fun with you guys!!

  8. I know I've said it before , but I don't know any other team in the comp who do so much for their communities and for the kids - especially not the Crows Christian!!!

    What great boys - and that Hawka - what a star!

    GO HAWKS!!!


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