Saturday, 6 June 2009

Beehive Overnighter

Last night was the 'Beehive Overnighter' for the 12 and 13 year old girls from church . Sarah, Toni and I had been planning for it for a few months and were hoping we would get a good turn out - especially since we were able to get permission to have it as a multi-stake overnighter.

In the end we had more girls than we expected with 5 coming up from Hobart Stake and 16 girls altogether which is actually very good for the smallest stake in the world!

Toni is now three days over her due date, so we thought it was best that she stayed away :D The girls kept making jokes that it wouldn't have been much fun to see a baby being delivered during the overnighter.

We started off the night with pizza making and eating.

We then had a get to know you game which was very funny. We played the 'two truths, and one lie' game where you have to tell two things about you that are true, and one thing that is a lie and everyone has to guess which one isn't true. My lie was that I was pregnant and everyone picked that as the lie straight away! Sacha has been called as our secretary for Stake Young Women's and one of her things she told was that I was her YW's leader when she was growing up. The girls all cracked up and were like 'yeah right!!!" which was great as they thought I was a lot younger than I am!!! I told them that was true and one girl said 'I thought you were like 2o or something!' YEAH!! :D Even though we don't feel that old it's so funny hearing how different we are to the girls. One of Sarah's statements was 'my favourite band is U2', and the girls were like 'who!!!!????' as many of them had no idea who they were!

The girls had fun just hanging out, talking and swapping mobile phone numbers.

Sacha invented a game for them which she called 'straw wars'. The object of the game was to be the first to blow the straw to the opposite side of the table. The girls really got into it with elimination heats and all!

After the final was battled out in 'straw wars' we paired the girls up randomly and had a hand pampering session, where they did each other's nails.

Even Sacha (our bikie 'lady', as she was known) got into it!

After our homemade 'cold rock' dessert everyone was ready for a bit of singstar action. Sarah loves this photo of her, with her 'Meatloaf face'.

The girls were getting into it when the leaders had their turn and were doing lots of back up dancing.

Sarah got booted off the mic so decided to join in the conga line!

At 1am we (the leaders) decided to turn into bed and told the girls it was time to start quietening down a bit. A few hours later they all finally went to sleep! We got them all up just before 8am, ready for our morning devotional.

Bethany (a leader from Hobart Stake) did a great devotional using duplo in an object lesson.

We then had a HUGE pancake breakfast. Amelia was so cute, getting very excited about the smiley faces she kept drawing on her pancakes with maple syrup. It was nice to see how the girls treated her and she had lots of fun.

Sarah, being the pig that she is, had to have THE biggest pancake of all and had to have it on a platter, rather that on a plate as it was so big!!! She was very happy that I caught it on camera! ;)

After breaky Pres. W. took a mini lesson about 'virtue' which was great. The girls were really listening and had some great answers, ideas and questions.

Sarah then talked about journal writing and showed us some of her journals from when she was growing up. She talked about how important it is to keep a journal and to not just write about events and people such as family and friends, but about feelings that you have and how great it is to look back on, and to see how things have changed. The girls then each made their own cute little scrap booked journal that they can keep adding to. During the night we had printed out some photos for them to put in their journal which they loved.

Bethany was known as 'the hole punch lady' so I had to make sure I captured a photo of our 'hole punch lady' as she was kept busy punching holes in paper and card for the girls all morning.

It was great seeing the different creations that the girls came up with.

The girls then went around getting everyone to sign their journals for them.

We finished off with lunch before everyone was picked up. It was a great overnighter and the girls seemed to have heaps of fun. As Logan said while we were making journals 'I've had so much fun - I want to stay here all year!!!'. It was lots of fun and the best thing was seeing how well the girls got along and how good they were. I'm looking forward to lots more sleep tonight, before the next overnighter - next weekend in Glen Huon with the 14-18 year olds!


  1. I havent had my daughter returned to me yet as she is on a carry over sleepover. It looked and sounds like they had a great time... Thank you lisa for all the effort you put in. it was nice to see all the girls getting to know each other..
    Thanks again lisa

  2. oh lisa
    that looks like you guys had a fun night..i remember when my girls were that age in alice springs i use to have all the girls in the neighbourhood come over for sleep overs and we use to have alot of fun..poor mark he always got out ruled by girls all his married life..its fun having girls in there teens..i use to love it..

  3. Hey Lisa could you check out my blog and spread the word quick of for Gaz to win (entries close on the 8th). Thanks
    Love Clare

  4. ha ha ha i look like im a beehive! the hormones in the chicken are definitely responsible for how tall all these beehives are! it was a very fun couple of days!

  5. Sach - you fitted in so well!!! Thanks for helping out - I know you made it heaps of fun for them.


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