Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Middle Age

Today is my 35th birthday which I definitely consider to be middle age. Some may think it is 40 or even older, but to me 35 just sounds so old! I don't feel as old as I think it sounds, but when I was younger I was thinking anything past 30 was over the hill!

I don't get excited about my birthday anymore (unlike Aaron who is like a kid every single birthday he has!), but today has actually been a really nice day considering. It started off with Aaron coming home last night with a bunch of tulips, my favourite chocolates and my favourite drink. It was a really nice surprise.

Before Aaron left for work this morning, he got the boys up so they could give me the cards they made and presents that I had picked out :D. Harri was SO excited about my birthday. Last night when I put him to bed he said 'I love you much and much and much Mum, and I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow!'. I told him thank you and he then asks 'what are we going to do for your birthday, Mum -go to the Aquatic Centre!!?'. He cracks me up!

I told him we were probably just going to go to the gym and he then asks 'all of us?!' and I told him just Kobe and he would be coming with me. After Aaron left for work this morning, Harri yells out 'Where's Dad!!?'. I told him he had gone to school and he then looks at Noah who is in his school uniform and asked if Noah was going to school. I told him that he was, and then he asks me if Jalen is going as well. I told him that he was and he was very upset and said 'but it's your birthday Mum!!!". Because everyone was home (on school holidays) for Kobe's birthday, he just assumed that for anyone's birthday we should all just stay home and do something special together!

Yesterday when I picked Harri up from school his teacher came out and said 'happy birthday for tomorrow' as he had obviously told them all it was my birthday. When I picked him up from the child care at the gym, the carer who looks after the kids says 'happy birthday! I hear you are 35!?'. He was SO excited about it and kept telling everyone all day. When Kobe woke up Harri asked him 'did you say 'Happy Birthday' to Mum, Kobe!?'. It's nice having someone so excited for you - even when you aren't!

After we got home from the gym Mum came to visit with a nice big sponge cake that she had made me for my birthday. Harri was very pleased with it.

Even better than a cake and some birthday money from Mum and Dad was that Mum did lots of housework for me! Mum loves to work and can't sit still when she visits, so she spent the afternoon folding washing, ironing and tidying up. It was the best birthday present - thanks Mum!

Mum and Dad then babysat for us, so that Aaron and I could go out for tea. Before we left we did the birthday cake thing with the boys. Aaron had also made me some birthday cupcakes.

We decided to go the 'safe' option and go to the buffet at the casino as Aaron is still on his wheat and dairy free diet for his eczema (18 weeks and counting!). It was so nice to just go out on our own, with no boys to deal with (excuse the photo quality - using the 'dodgy' camera).

I felt bad as I knew there wouldn't be much that Aaron could eat , but he always just has the roast anyway, so we knew he would be safe with that. He was very upset though when he saw the desserts which are always his favourites.

He stuck with the fresh fruit, but almost cried when he saw the chocolate fountain. I can't believe how well he has stuck with it. Hopefully it won't be long now and he can go back onto wheat to start with.

It was so nice to go out together and know the boys were happy at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks Mum and Dad for babysitting and helping out! When we got home there was a very cute video message from Chloe in my email. Thanks so much Chloe (and Steph!). I love it. The turkish delight birthday brownie looked pretty good too - hope Chloe enjoyed it for me :)

Thanks so much to everyone for their text messages, phone calls, pressies, cards, facebook messages and emails. It made a not so exciting birthday very special.


  1. Hope you had a happy birthday honey!!
    I love you, and you made my life so happy 35 years ago, and do so every single day.
    Like I said tonight, I didn,t think 35 years from then, I would be at your house looking after four boys,while you weny out with your husband for tea.
    I had a lovely night with the boys, with their Master Cheg scoring on my tea and cake that I made.
    They even marked me on taste and presentation.
    I scored a nine out of ten on the cake, but they are suckers for cake anyway.
    It was so great to see Noah happy and smiling again.
    I love you. Mum.

  2. Spelling is shocking.
    Chloe's message was really sweet.
    That was so thougtful of Steph, and very special.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. That message from Chloe is just gorgeous!

    35 is not old! 36+ now that's getting there! Don't forget - MOISTURISER!!!

    PS Do you hire your Mum out for the odd housework job???

  4. Mum seriously LOVES housework!! Her house is NEVER messy or dirty - unless the 10 grandkids are there! :D
    Kylie - you should get her around sometime!
    Okay - going to moisturise and then off to bed! :D

  5. PS The neck - don't forget the NECK!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Lisa. SOunds like you were very spoilt, and deserved it... i would agree with you, that someone doing your house work is the best present ever!!! What a great mum

  7. I hear the big secret is SUNBLOCK.
    Curses to my Nan, who made us wear our bathers all summer long, and no sun protection.
    Remember >>>Slip, slop slap.
    My house is so disgusting at times.
    to bed to moisturise.
    A lot too late when you see Fiona's photos, AND I think she took out the wrinkles!!
    Love Mum.

  8. I'm glad you had such a lovely day! Yeaaah did Kobe say 'happy birthday', to you, Lisa?!? He better have! I feel for Aaron. There's no way I could ignore a chocolate fountain. No way, no how.

    See you soon!

  9. Oh, what a lovely blog - how wonderful that you are so loved by so many people. It's not surprising though - you get back the love you share, and you are one of the most loving and caring people I know (besides your lovely mum of course!). You deserve it!
    That's a fantastic message from Chloe - how cute!!
    Big Hugs,
    Fiona xxx

  10. Happy Birthday
    Looks like you had a wonderful day.
    Yikes I never thought of 35 as old, I will be hitting it next year.

  11. glad you had such a great birthday. I'm like Aaron and Harri I think. I love birthdays - any reason to celebrate really! You're only a kid for such a short time so why not take every opportunity to keep some of the excitement of childhood alive??

    P.S I have a friend who is an allergy specialist. She's just been telling me about a new treatment she is having great results with. Her son who was allergic to milk,eggs,gluten,rice,msg, practically everything. He couldn't even walk through a food court without causing an anaphylactic reaction!! well now he can tollerate all of these. Amazing. Maybe Aaron would benefit? If you're interested I can get some more info and contact details.

  12. Hi Blanche - I've been meaning to comment back to you about your friend. Thanks so much for suggesting her. Aaron is actually seeing someone who also says she has good results with allergies - she is a biological medicine therapist. The treatment Aaron is having is for a dairy and wheat intolerance and he has to go off wheat and dairy for a period of time as those are the things that are affecting his eczema - dairy more than wheat. Then once his body elimiates the toxins he can then reintroduce them into his diet and hopefully not have the eczema. While this is going on he is also having treatments on her bio-resinance machine called a MORA to desensitise him to the effect that wheat and dairy has on his body. It's very hard to explain and especially hard as he looks like he is a lot worse since we have been seeing her, but its a part of the process of getting well unfortunately, as he eliminates the toxins. Its frustrating for him, but he is choosing to do it as he has had it his whole life and thinks that 6 months of being off dairy and wheat is worth it if it helps.
    Your friend sounds interesting - I wonder if she does something similar.


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