Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Yesterday before we took the boys to the museum, Harri kept asking Aaron if he could 'sit on his lap at the museum'. It took us a while to work out why he was asking that, and realised it was because he knew that today we were taking them to see 'Night at the Museum 2' at the movies and he was a bit confused about it all!

I decided it wasn't even worth wasting time or money taking Kobe in as the last movie we went to he freaked out as soon as the lights went down. I wasn't interested in the movie anyway as I haven't even seen the first one, so Aaron took the boys to the movie and Kobe and I were going to go birthday shopping. Next week I officially hit middle age, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a bit of shopping. Aaron loves it that I buy my own presents and so do I, as it means I get what I want! :)

Kobe however had other plans. We got a couple of jobs done first and I did get to buy another lens filter for my camera, and then he spat it. He cried as we walked around town for the next 45 minutes. A guy walked past and said 'I know what that's like - I've got one of those at home too', and gave me that sympathetic smile. Kobe was really over tired, so I thought after a while he would just give in and go to sleep and then I would be free to shop till my hearts content. That didn't happen! Instead I gave in and decided to take him up to Princes Square to look at the fountain. As soon as we got there he stopped screaming and was absolutely fascinated by it.

I got him out of his pram and he was so happy to have some freedom.

He chased the poor pigeons around for ages.

In the end we had lots of fun together, even though I didn't get any shopping done. It was nice just spending some time alone with him. With the boys being on school holidays I have almost forgotten what it's like to just have Kobe on my own. Who could be cranky with this face!?


  1. LOVE your photos Lisa - especially the last 2. Brilliant!

  2. Thanks Fiona - that's a big compliment coming from you :)

  3. That last pic looks like he has a whole set of teeth and makes him look more like a toddler than a baby!! Can he get anymore gorgeous!!

  4. it's a shame you missed out on (what could have been) a fun shopping experience...but looks as if it was worth taking kobe to the fountain.
    GREAT photos, especially the last one- he is a beautiful boy.

  5. Oh Gorgeous boy!!
    How could you be mad with him.
    It seems really funny now he is walking. I just want to freeze him in this moment and never have him grow up.
    Love him to bits. How lucky are you to have every day with him!!
    Love Mum.


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