Friday, 26 June 2009

Noah's 8th Birthday

Noah's birthday started off just like any other day - dragging him out of bed asleep, so I could dress him, get him toileted, give him his neb, puffer, feed and meds before the bus arrived. About half an hour before the bus was due to come I got a phone call from school to say that all of the aides who usually work in his classroom and also his teacher were off sick today, which meant that only the Teacher in Charge was confident with him and his needs (suctioning etc). She said she was still happy to have him there as long as I was, but I didn't really feel confident to send him to school all day, when I knew that no one would really know him like the regular aides do.

Instead I decided that it would be nice to spend the day together since it was his birthday, and he came out to Deloraine with me instead. Simone told me that they were having a photography class by one of the members who used to be a professional photographer for a mainland newspaper. It sounded like fun, so I invited myself out :) Harri and Kobe were happy to play with the kids while Suzanne looked after them (thanks so much Suzanne!). Noah decided to sleep the morning away as usual.

He not only slept all morning, but also slept all afternoon! Harri was most upset with him as he wanted to open up his presents with him, but had to wait for him to wake up. I did let him open up a special card that came in the mail for him from Kylie and Shayne. It was a beautiful Noah's Ark card. Harri kept showing it to Noah, but I think he was more interested in sleeping!

When we went to pick up Jalen from school, he came out carrying a bunch of balloons and a bag with a cushion and big card in it from Noah's class. Noah usually is at Punchbowl today, but Di has been off all week as one of her kids is sick, so instead he has been going to Newstead Heights. Unfortunately no one told his teacher and class he wasn't going to be there today, so they were all excited to have a little party for him! They had blown up a heap of balloons and were going to tie some on his wheelchair. One of the boys went home last night and was very excited and told his Mum it was Noah's birthday, so she quickly made him a little cushion! All the kids had signed the card and the teacher said they were so disappointed when they found out Noah wasn't going to be there. It really touched me that they went to so much trouble for him.

He finally woke up at about 4pm - just in time for a visit from Nanna and Pa (Aaron's Dad and Step-Mum). We then headed off to watch Jalen play basketball. It was nice to have Noah with us as he doesn't usually come to basketball as we usually have Di at home with him. We gave her the night off so we could spend the night together as a family. Noah was really bright and alert the whole time.

It's nice going to basketball as we always get to see the Woodwards, Wheelers and the Prebbles as their girls also play around the same time as Jay's games.

Emily is an awesome babysitter and helps out with Kobe. She loves playing with him and we love it too as it means we don't have to be the ones to chase him around! :) Thanks Em!

Jay played a really good game and was happy that they won.

He is becoming friendly with a boy on his team - Ryan. He also has Rohan on his team which is also nice.

We finally got to open up presents with him at 7pm! This photo cracks me up as both the boys have their 'concentration' tongues sticking out as they are helping Noah open the presents!

It was a really nice day in the end, despite him sleeping for most of it and also hearing the sad news about Michael Jackson passing away. Jay and Harri absolutely LOVE him and were so shocked and sad to hear the news this morning. There were even a few tears from Harri. All day he kept asking 'is Michael Jackson going to be dead all day?'. I told him he was and then half an hour later 'is Michael Jackson still with Heavenly Father?'. I told him he was and then he got very upset and said 'now we can't sing his songs anymore, because he's dead!!'. I told him we can still listen to his songs and watch his DVDs and still sing the songs and then he said 'but Michael Jackson can't move or sing anymore 'cause his heart stopped working'. Poor Harri.

The boys are excited for tomorrow as we will be having a little family party with Grandma and Grandpa, all the Aunties and Uncles and cousins.


  1. You got some great pictures today! It looks like you had a lovely day together! :D

    He looks so cheeky in both of those photos at basketball. So grown up! ;)

    8 suits him! Maybe he'll be too grown up to put up with me on Tuesday (and Wednesday, and Thursday... ;))

    I'm so glad you got to have such a lovely day together (despite the filthy rain) and that so many people have given lovely wishes for Noah! :D

  2. I,m glad that Noah woke up for the last part of his birthday, and how nice was that that his class wanted to have a party with him.
    Poor Jae and Harri, I really feel for them over Michael Jackson.
    At least his legend will live on with the boys. Maybe they will do us a song and a dance tomorrow, after the pool.
    I am really looking foward to seeing The Aquatic Centre,I am even bringing my bathers.
    The boys stick their tongues out like I do when I am concentrating. It must be genetic. Ha. Ha.
    Love Mum.

  3. looks like you all had a very nice day. So sweet of his class to want to have a party for him.
    Happy Birthday Noah, big hugs

  4. Happy, happy birthday Noah dear!! I wanted to say that earlier in your day, but I forgot about the time difference... Oh well. Xavier and I are happy you're 8, Noah!! Please give him lots of hugs for us!!

  5. Harri is such a cute kid - and always comes out with the funniest stuff! Glad you had a great day together for Noahs birthday!

  6. It's great you got to spend the whole day together but a shame Noah missed his party - what a great class he's in! I hope you all have a lovely family party today!

  7. What a mammoth day. Was there anything more you could fit in that day!! I got tired just reading about it. Hope the KFC birthday tea was yum. Happy birthday gorgeous Noah.


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