Saturday, 13 June 2009

Glen Huon Overnighter

I just got back from a very busy and fun 24 hours away with the youth from church. We had an 'overnighter' at Glen Huon for the 14-18 year olds and I was looking forward to going along as one of the leaders. I knew Aaron would be great with the boys while I was away, but I still find it hard to go as I know full on it can be looking after the four of them on your own for a long period of time. I worry more for Aaron than actually about the boys! I actually also find it hard to just 'relax' and enjoy the time being away from the boys and not having to worry about things at home, so at first I was in two minds about going.
Aaron said he was happy to stay at home - until he dropped me off at the chapel to catch the bus with the youth. He is also a leader and when he saw the youth all together and how excited they all were, he said he kind of wished he was going too. From the north we had a 24 seat bus and two mini vans travel down and all together we took about 35 youth down for it.

I was in one of the mini vans with 5 boys and 2 girls. Pres. Prebble was our driver which of course is always interesting and lots of fun! Every now and then he would deliberately drive along the line on the side of the road that makes the tires vibrate. Then he would wind down the window and just yell at the top of his lungs to scare the sheep as we drove past! Then there was him singing 'There is Sunshine in my Soul Today' which was especially entertaining!

After 3 hours we arrived in Glen Huon just after they had started dinner. Dinner and a 50s dance was being held in an old apple shed. It looked so amazing! They had done it out like an old 50 diner, with booths, a milk bar, a little stage with a juke box and motorbike, and tables with menus and awesome decorations. There was also a screen projecting clips and photos of stuff from the 50s.

The Young Single Adults were our waiters for the night and we could choose between a hamburger or hot dog with salad and hot chips. One YSA was an especially awesome waitress!

After dinner they cranked up the 50s music for the dance part of the night. The youth were all dressed up in their 50s gear and had heaps of fun.

Throughout the night you could even go to the 'milk bar' and order a milkshake or spider.

There is usually one clown in the crowd, and that of course was none other than Pres. P. First of all he was using his banana as a microphone.

Then he was using the skin to try to slip people up on the dance floor!

Then he was just placing it on random people's shoulders to see how long it took them before they noticed. It was very amusing, and kept us laughing as none of the youth had a clue they had a banana skin on their shoulder!

He is nothing at all like his sensible older brother - the 'other' Pres. Prebble!

During the night there were a few games - the pinjata..

and the limbo....

and also the good old 'musical arms'.....

which caused a LOT of aggression to come out in lots of people! These girls were fighting over Mackay's arm and poor Pres. P was at a loss as to which one actually won it fairly.

There was a big fight between Tayla and Jasmin to be the winner!

One of the members came and taught the youth a dance from the 50s called the 'hucklebuck'.

We were all billeted out in Glen Huon for the night. I was lucky that Jared and Becky were staying down at Becky's Mum for the weekend, so Becky came and picked me up and I got to stay in a lovely queen sized bed, with no girls keeping me awake! :) We had to be back at the apple shed this morning at 7am for a testimony meeting and breakfast.

After breakfast we were split into two groups. One group went up to the chapel to play games, while the other group were taken to Huonville to do a working bee at their brand new (yet to be completed) PCYC. After an hour or so the groups swapped over. The new PCYC is going to be an awesome facility. A guy gave us a tour around and explained each room and what it would be used for.

He then divided us up into smaller groups to do different jobs including sanding, cleaning, moving equipment, cleaning play equipment and cleaning 1000s of the coloured balls for the ball pit!

We were very proud of our ball cleaning efforts. There were literally 1000s of them and they had to be individually washed, and we almost got all of them done.

We then headed back to the chapel to meet up for lunch. It was a great overnighter, and it's so nice seeing how much the youth love being together. I felt like I hardly knew anyone from down South, but I'm looking forward to getting to know them more as we get together for more activities.


  1. Oh man that looked like so much FUN. I can see how Aaron did not want to miss out on that. It looks like they went to HEAPS of effort for that dance. Wow very impressed!!

  2. YAY!! I loved seeing all the northeners!! I was a pretty good waitress hey...hahah...looks like an awesome time...we have some pretty awesome youth!

  3. oh lisa
    sounds like you guys had so much fun..pres pebble looks like he had fun too..
    i think when the kids go to activities like that they will always remember it..and it takes good leaders to be there and be examples..

  4. Sounds like a great overnighter.I must say I was a bit sad I missed it as it seemed like a good time was had by all. What a crack up with pres. Prebble, he is such a clown sometimes!

  5. Oh Lisa you have made me YW sick!!! I have missed the youth so much since my release. Looks like you (& the youth) had HEAPS of fun. Glen Huon always know how to put on a great activity! The best people come from the Huon you know!!! :)

  6. Sorry Blanche! I was like that when I was released as Stake YW Pres. when Noah was born. I hated being released and missed it a lot, so it's so nice to be back with the youth again. Glen Huon ward put a lot of work into it and it was a great overnighter. The youth just love being together and it shows.

  7. that shed looks awesome all decorated up...what a cool activity. (Jimbo was going to be there but was unwell and in bed early, so he missed out!)
    glad you could go and get a good nights sleep staying with becky's family. looked and sounded like heaps of fun for the youth (and leaders) :)

  8. It looks like it was fantastic fun! I'm sorry i missed it =( But im sure there will be other activities =D
    Ah Pres. Prebble... Still the same! =P He is a funny man. I remember my first convention (the one before last) when i was just recently baptised, he went around for the ENTIRE convention singing "Hey there delilah"! Haha..
    He's so great with us youth! We all relly love him...


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