Monday, 8 June 2009

Morning at the Museum

For weeks the boys have been begging us to take them to the museum. They absolutely love the Phenomena Factory and we also heard there was another display on called 'Earth Quest' which Jay wanted to check out. It has been raining and horrible for days, so we thought today would be a good day to go. Of course as soon as we decided to go the sky cleared and it is a beautiful, mild winters day. Kobe loved walking around outside while the boys played.

The boys spent ages looking at the interactive exhibits in the Earth Quest display.

Kobe is really starting to walk a lot more now and walks more than he crawls. He was so cute walking around and then falling over, before getting up again.

The boys spent ages in the phenomena factory. Kobe kept cracking up at the balls as they would wizz by.

We eventually dragged them away before going in the dinosaur section, and of course no visit to the museum is complete without seeing the trains.

We have a busy week planned with the last days of school holidays left. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and sunny so we can get out and do some things outdoors.


  1. It looks like great fun. I cant wait to do those fun family things when Chloe is old enough to have fun and understand!

  2. Looks like a great place to visit, you can tell the boys had a very nice time.

  3. I love reading about your hols. You guys jam pack heaps of fun stuff into them. I don't let the kids read your blog as I reckon they would think we are really boring.

  4. We have seen the ads for this on telly and the girls always get upset when I tell them it's in Launceston and not here lol Glad you went and had a fun time :)


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