Saturday, 20 June 2009


We are hooked on the show Masterchef Australia. We all hang out to watch it every night, although Harri usually starts crying just after it starts, as it means it is his bedtime! Every night he asks if he can listen to the 'Masterchef song' as he loves the song at the beginning and then it's bedtime for him.

Harri has a big box of 'cooking toys' which he loves. He loves getting out the toys and pretending he is cooking. Whenever Alison is here working with Noah, the boys love it as she is their judge as they compete against each other and she gives them scores. She is very diplomatic and knows to give them very similar scores or there will be tears from one or the other! :) Lately during tea the boys will critique me on the meal I have cooked. They will even give me a score for presentation and taste!

Last night was their turn as they made their own pizza for tea. They were very excited and Harri kept saying 'my presentation tastes delicious!'. Jalen kept trying to teach Harri was 'presentation' meant, but Harri didn't care - he still thought his was the best! :)

I was also very diplomatic and gave them the same score to save the tears, but really Jay did score a bit higher for putting olives on his :)


  1. How great that you get to be the taste tester!! can u believe those guys are off to Hong Kong!!

  2. Brent was my fav on the show!!! I hate when basketball is on the same time. How do you an 9yr old to eat olives... Eliza won't go anywhere near them!!!

  3. I love Masterchef! Julie and Justine are my favs!

  4. They were very hard on my presentation, but the sponge cake got a ten.
    Love Mum.

  5. Jay actually shocked me with the olives! I don't think he's eaten one in his life, but I asked him if he wanted them and he said yes and ate them up on the pizza with no complaints! He is branching out - finally!!! :)

  6. that pizza looks yummy, you have a couple chefs in training.

  7. We love that show too! The Pizza's look great. Mia would love Jay's... she would eat Olives for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!

  8. We love it too! I have tried some of the things they cook, it has given me some more motivation to put more effort into my food! It makes me so hungry though!

  9. Well, just as long as there aren't any hairs in their food, I'm happy! ;)
    I have a pile of things to bring to your house tomorrow. Look out. You mightn't hear from Aaron for a few days; he has a lot of reading to do!


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