Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thank You Fiona!

Fiona recently finished editing our photos that she took a few weeks ago. It has been so exciting checking out her blog every day to see the next beautiful photo she puts up. I found myself checking it numerous times a day, and oohing and aahing over them. Sometimes though I was very scared as I was dreading a photo of me coming up, as I HATE photos of myself!

I actually love all the photos that she took, and it has been hard to go through them and to pick out a few favourites, as I could pretty much put all of them up. To see more photos from her check out her blog. I love her work and could look at her photos all day.

I love the clarity and colours and the way she just captured different moments. Sometimes I didn't even know that she was even taking photos, which is probably why she got so many nice photos as we were all just being ourselves. I really love this shot of all of us.

Maddi was such a great model for Fiona. Fiona asked her to carry the teddy for her and she did everything she asked so perfectly! I really LOVE the photos of Maddi - they are beautiful.

This photo captured Harri's and Jalen's personalities so perfectly! Jalen always wants to do the right thing - hence why he is looking at the camera and smiling despite what is going on around him! When I pull out the camera he always just stops what he is doing and poses for me! I always have to tell him to stop looking at the camera and to just do what he was doing as I don't like posed photos all the time. Harri on the other hand is the crazy, loud, centre of attention and this photo is so him!

It was a freezing cold day (and we were in Deloraine which meant the temperature was at least 3 degrees colder than Launceston! ;) and Kobe was miserable for most of the time as he was cold and tired and couldn't get down and crawl around like he wanted to. Just before we were about to leave Fiona said she didn't have many photos of him and quickly took one while he was with Aaron. It's actually one of my favourites from the whole day.

Kelsea is such a 'Daddy's girl' and Jared treats her like a princess, so this photo is really lovely as it shows how special they are to each other.

I also love this one of Eamon - the youngest of the whole family (for now!). I love how Becky's face is blurred out in the background.

Lachie was also freezing by the end of it. He is such a placid little man, and this shows his personality so well too - just happy to sit and smile and watch while we played in the leaves!

I actually didn't even see when Fiona took this photo, but when she uploaded it a few days ago I thought about how special it was. Chloe loves all of her cousins and is always so lovely to them.

"Little" Alex is also very placid and happy doing his own thing. I love this one of him in the leaves, and how there are still leaves flying through the air from some of us trying to get each other!

Mum is always so self conscious (hmmm - I wonder where I get that from then!!!?) and hates photos of herself but I think she would be really happy with the ones Fiona took. I love this one of her - she looks really pretty in it.

The reason we arranged to get some photos done was because Chrish was down for a month while he recovered from his operation. We miss him now he is back home in Sydney, but it was so great having him home while he was recovering. I love seeing him look a lot better than he has in a long time.

I also love this pic of Alex and Nicki together. I think Nicki looks really pretty and happy in it.

At the end of the session we let the kids finally have the lolly pops that Mum had bought them. We thought they would look great in the photo and didn't want them to get too dirty and sticky early on. After the second attempt at getting balloons for the kids (the first lot flew away!), I thought it was worth all the effort, as I love this photo of most of the cousins together (minus the youngest ones). I really love the colours.

Noah wasn't having a very happy day and I was worried we wouldn't get any nice photos of him. I was so happy (and a bit emotional!) when I saw this beautiful photo that Fiona got of him. I have to say this is my absolute favourite. I just think it really shows his innocence and how special he really is.

Thank you so much Fiona for the beautiful photos you took. They are very special and we had lots of fun having them done (despite the cold and uncooperative kids!). You were so patient and easy going. Now I just have the big decision about which one to put in frames or on canvas - there are too many beautiful ones to choose from!


  1. Thank you,thank you, thank you Lisa. How sweet are you!!!! No amount of words can express how touched and grateful I am to you. Big, BIG hugs, Fiona xxxx

  2. Love them! Wish Fiona lived a little closer to me. :)

  3. Oooh, they are awesome Lisa! They are so good! Love the one of the kiddies in their gumboots!

  4. My favs are Aaron with Kobe, Jared with Kels and that last one of Noah too. Oh to have talent like that... (sigh!)

  5. I back everything you said.
    Thank you Fiona. They are really special to us.
    Love Lorraine.

  6. They really are great photos! I was enjoying checking Fiona's blog for new ones too! What a lovely family you are blessed with.

  7. Really great photos! I don't know why, but I got teary when I saw the one of Naoh, he is a very special boy.


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