Thursday, 4 June 2009

My baby is one!

When I was pregnant I wasn't looking forward to having a baby at all. I'm not the type of person who gets 'clucky' and feels like I need to have a baby. I just get 'that feeling' that it's time for another one. After having Harri I really thought we had 'done our bit' by having another baby after Noah, and thought Harri would be the last. The feelings that I had when I knew we had to have just one more baby were overwhelming. I fought them for a long time, but am so glad now that we decided to have just 'one more' (and it really IS our last one!!!! There is not going to be another 'try for a girl' as everyone keeps asking us! :D).

When he was born I fell in love with him straight away. He was such a beautiful little baby. It was really hard for the first couple of months and there were MANY times when Aaron and I wondered what we had done! We thought we were crazy for having another one when it was like we still had a baby in Noah.

Now I can't imagine life without our little man. He makes us smile all day, every day. Whenever we are out I get strangers comment to me about how beautiful he is. I am always having people say 'you should enter him in baby competitions - he is so cute!'. We think so, but of course we are biased! Thank you Fiona for this beautiful photo of him. We absolutely love it!

Yesterday he sat up on the bench and 'helped' Aaron make his birthday cake. He loves sitting up on the bench whenever we are cooking.

This morning he really had no clue what was going on, but was very excited to have new books, new toys and a new ball!

Nanna and Pa (Aaron's Dad and Step-Mum) came to visit in the morning and by lunchtime he was already worn out and we found him asleep on the floor!! How cute do his new Dunlop volleys look!

We were hoping for a nice 'winter's day' as in not raining and warm enough that we could be outside for an hour or two, but unfortunately it rained most of the day. This meant that we had to change our plans of going to the Bike Centre, and had a family party at home instead. All of 'the boys' (as in my brothers and 'big' Alex) were at work, so all the girls and their kids came along and also Mum and Dad. We realised last week how lucky we are that Kobe's birthday is in school holidays. Jalen also has his birthday in school holidays, but Noah and Harri miss out by a couple of weeks.

We played some party games which hyped the kids up - even before they hit the sugar!

Everyone loves pass the parcel.....

that is unless you are Harri - talk about high maintenance!!! Harri would burst into tears whenever anyone else would get to unwrap the parcel and then wasn't happy at all that little Alex won the prize at the end.

The kids loved the party food.

Kobe isn't always the best eater, but he got stuck into the party food!!! He loved the spring rolls and chocolate crackles.

It was a fun day and nice to have most of the family here to help celebrate.

We can't believe you are already 1 Kobe!!! We love you so much and feel so lucky to have you in our family. How glad we are that we decided to 'just have one more'.


  1. Looks like heaps of fun! I can't believe it's a year already! Wow it goes so fast!!! He is such a happy baby.

  2. I fell in love with him the second I saw him.
    Remember I said "He is the cutest one you have had"
    He has been a beautiful baby from day one.
    Loved his party, and the party games.
    It will be great when they are old enough to actually know the rules. Hysterical.
    Love Mum.

  3. Those Dunlop Volleys are so cute!!!
    And yes he is a beautiful baby. :)

  4. happy birthday little kobe- he is very cute indeed. cool cake too!
    glad he could spend his special day with family.

  5. I still remember that first photo you put up of You and Kobe - like it was just yesterday! Where did that year go!!!? Happy 1st Birthday Kobe!

  6. He is gorgeous. I am glad we had our little fella too. You can't imagine life without them now huh? Time flies...

  7. Hope you had a great day Kobe!!! how about i make your mum a deal!!!
    If you guys try for a girl, we will think about trying for a boy!!!!ahahahahahahah

  8. I think in the background on the bed, there is a 'Hawks' something.
    Love Mum.

  9. oh what a great party Kobe!! Harri had me in stitches so funny when he told aaron he was supposed to stop it on him or jay so THEY could get the new something!! he is so adorable i love his cheeky grin!!

  10. Happy birthday you gorgeous little man. The cake was awesome!!!!

  11. Happy birthday little Kobe!

    He is incredibly gorgeous!

    Persia's turn in just 10 days.



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