Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cold Day, Pool Day

Early this morning I woke up with frozen toes. We had our heater on full bore and I was still freezing, despite having a blanket on top of my doona AND a hot water bottle! When it was finally morning I was so happy to see the blue sky and then saw why it was so cold. There is HEAPS of snow in the mountains. They looked beautiful.

Noah had an appointment postponed so Jay and Harri very quickly asked me if we could go to Launceston Aquatic. They had been asking me all week to go, but they knew we had a busy day today, and couldn't fit it in until tomorrow. It was too cold to really do anything outside for too long, and Aaron said he would stay home with Noah and Kobe while he (as in Kobe, not Aaron!) had a nap, so it turned out to be a good time to take them.

Half of Launceston had the same idea. Supposedly it has been packed out all school holidays. It reminded me of the part in the Titanic movie where the ship has sunk and all the people are in the water splashing around. There were bodies everywhere!

I got in the water for an hour or so and then just enjoyed being dressed in the warm room, watching the boys and seeing how much fun they were having together.

In the competition pool area they had a balancing obstacle thing for the kids to use. Jay spent ages in there having lots of turns on it.

He actually got really good at it in the end and could even run all the way across without falling off.

Three and a half hours after we got there, I had to drag the boys out of the water go take them home! It was nice to spend the day doing something fun (and warm) despite how cold it is outside. It is great to have something so good to go to now, no matter what the weather.


  1. Jae is ready to go on 'Survivor'
    Did you hear him shout "I'm the King of the world"?
    I crack myself up.
    Love Mum.

  2. sure looks like lots of fun

  3. I took phebe there on tues for a birthday party and it was very packed and very hot!!!! dont blame you only spending 1 hour in the water!!

  4. Wasn't it freezing outside? Good spot on a cold day. I'm glad to see they had different things for the hols - Hobart Aquatic had an inflatable when we were there in the holidays and I hoped Launceston would too.

    Lorraine you crack me up!

  5. Hi Lisa- I just nominated you for an award, pop over to the blog to pick it up.


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