Wednesday, 3 June 2009

My Brothers

On Saturday while Fiona was doing our photo shoot, there was the perfect opportunity to get a photo of my brothers together. My boys love each of their Uncles - all for different reasons.

Uncle Jared is the fun one who stirs them all the time (and hypes them up!!) and loves to wrestle with them. Whenever Jared is around there is a lot of squealing and 'be quiet Harri!!!!' (from me!).

Although Jared is also a builder, they think Uncle Eden to be very clever to be able to build houses. They loved watching him build his own home from the ground up. Harri used to ask us over and over 'is Eden's house finished yet!?', whenever he knew we were going out to Mum and Dad's to visit.

Chrish is the kind Uncle who is always very generous and loves hanging out with the boys. They love to talk footy with him and think he is lots of fun as he always let them use his phone to play games on, and lets them borrow his Wii games. He always makes an effort to come home for special events such as baptisms, and blessings. Now that he has gone back 'home' to Sydney we will miss him lots, but it makes it easier knowing that he likes living in Sydney and is happy there. We are so glad that his health is much better and hope that now he is home he will be able to enjoy being able to live 'normally' again (if there is such a thing!). Can't wait till we see you again Chrish!


  1. What a nice story.
    I'm proud of all the boys.
    All very different with different strengths.
    It would be perfect if Chrish came back to Tassie to live.
    Love Mum.

  2. A fun one, clever one and kind one... what more could you ask for!!


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