Tuesday, 2 June 2009

'The best kind of sleep under Heaven above, is under a quilt hand-made with love'

That is the quote that came with Noah's very special quilt that arrived today from Quilts 4 Kids. It is such a wonderful organisation that makes quilts for children in Australia who have a life threatening illness. Each square on Noah's quilt has been cross stitched by a different woman, in the theme of Noah's Ark and wild animals.

Some of the women sent a special letter about themselves, and two of them chose to do Noah a square because they had a grandson and son named Noah. Most of the stitchers were from Australia - with a few from Tassie (and I think we probably know one of them - thank you!! You know who you are!!!) and there was also one from the USA and another from Canada.

The quilt is so beautiful and special that we don't want to use it, but a letter came with it saying 'this blanket is meant to be used....so tell your family that it is okay if something gets spilled on it, because the love that comes with the quilt cannot be hurt by a little dirt and it can wash out'.

So now Noah has a beautiful quilt to get warm under during winter. It is polar fleece on the back, so it is lovely and warm.

Thank you to all the lovely women who stitched a square for Noah and for Linde for putting it all together. It's very touching that strangers would do something so special for Noah. We have met so many wonderful people since Noah has been born and feel very blessed that people would so such a special thing for him.


  1. I met one of those ladies at The Deloraine Craft Fair, about three years back.
    We got talking about our 'Noahs', and a few weeks later she sent me the pattern for the Noah's Ark that is on Noah's quilt.
    I put it in my drawer, and never got around to it, so now I will have to hunt it down and do it.
    It is a lovely kind thing that these ladies have done, and I'm very sure it was made with lots of love.
    Love Mum.

  2. that's really special for noah (and you). it will be nice and cuddly for the winter months ahead, especially with the polar fleece on the back.

  3. Such a special gift for Noah, the US quilts 4 kids made Junior and quilt a few years ago. A wonderful organization and they did a beautiful job on Noahs quilt.

  4. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! It's awesome!! Might have to snuggle under it with him when I get home. Lord knows I'll be freeeeezing in comparison to sunny California! :D
    Nice work, ladies!

  5. Awesome! It's so good to see it all now - Lucky Noah has a cold body, he's going to get plenty of use out of it!

  6. The quilt looks so beautiful. I love the theme and that Noah can snuggle under it and keep nice and warm. xx

    The word verification today was "cared". How appropriate.

  7. Such a special gift. I'm sure Noah is very proud to be under such a cool quilt and feels very special and loved!


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