Friday, 25 April 2008

Maddi's 2nd Birthday

It's hard to believe that Maddi is 2 already!! Aaron was not impressed that Maddi was born on ANZAC Day as it means it cuts into his football watching time, but it is lucky for Maddi as it is a public holiday which makes it easy for all the family to get together for her birthday (after the ANZAC march).

After the parade today, most of us headed into town to go to Kids Paradise. Chloe (and Eden and Steph) and Mum weren't up to coming, which was a pity. The kids (big and little!) had lots of fun. I was tempted to go on the inflatables to try to hurry this baby along, but restrained myself and sat chatting most of the time.

After Kids Paradise we went to City Park for a little play and some party food and cake. Aaron also took the footy along for a bit of a kick. He had to get the footy in there somewhere!

The drizzle from the morning in Deloraine started to make its way into town, so we didn't last long at the park. The boys had lots of fun though, and it was nice to celebrate Maddi's birthday with her.


  1. Love the photo of Maddi and Harri. Harri was so funny, as per usual. Lucky the Hawks don't play on ANZAC day otherwise Maddi would be the most unpopular niece!

  2. Love that photo of Maddi and Harri - super cute!!

  3. I also loved the photo of Harri and Maddie, I think I,ve got the cutest grandchildren of all lucky me. I,ve learnt not to have the flu vaccination before any major events ever again.I felt like death warmed up. Love Mum xxx

  4. Looks like you all had a really great day. Maddi is so cute and you got some great photos. I especially love the gorgeous one of Maddi and Harri!


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