Saturday, 5 April 2008

Joel Thomas

I had to get out of the house this afternoon as Hawthorn were playing, and the game was being shown on TV. Anyone who knows Aaron, knows that it is a very stressful situation being around him while a Hawks game is on TV. You wouldn't think it was only the third game of the season! I was lucky as my friend Lynne gave birth to a beautiful little boy - Joel Thomas on Thursday, so I took the opportunity to go up to the hospital for a visit.

Joel is such a cutie and has so much hair! He looks just like his big brother Luke, when he was a newborn.

Lynne looks so good and was up and about. You wouldn't know she had a cesarean a couple of days earlier. It was nice to spend some time with Lynne and Simon and to meet their new little man.

Around 7 more weeks and it will be us! I'm starting to get very scared now - especially as I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions at night and it is reminding me of what labour is like, and that is the 'easy' part! The harder part starts once you get the baby home! :)


  1. you should come here and see how freaked out I'm getting!!!! I have gotten more anxious each pregnancy! I actually had a few hrs of contractions last night... then Hattie woke up vomiting everywhere and my body went "no time for these pains, gotta deal with spew"!!!!!

  2. I know what you mean Chels! I get more and more nervous each time too. I remember at the end of the pregnancy with Harri I was starting to panic about the pain that was on the way. I hope Hatti is okay and I can't wait to hear when your little one has arrived.

  3. The great thing about this sort of pain is that IT ENDS. It's the hardest and most rewarding hours of work we'll ever do :-) Gotta be honest it's the part I'm looking forward to most this time, I feel an uncanny sort of calm this time. Knowing that after all that work I get to hold my little babe at last is really comforting. Am sending you an extra helping of super peaceful vibes for a calm, relaxed, as pain free as possible labour and delivery.
    xo Holly

  4. aaahhh...and we keep on doing it to ourselves!! you will be fine, even if it is bad, it will only be a day (or two) out of your whole life! i always laugh when i read in your blog that you have been at the hospital AGAIN! it seems you are only having this baby to have another excuse to go there! hehe!

  5. Eeeek! I'm just getting over having baby number 1! Thinking about the pain sill makes me cringe! But no doubt I'll be doing it over and over again a few more times like all you awesome mummies! You are an inspiration to me!!


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