Saturday, 12 April 2008

Engagement Party

Today was Adrian and Chelsea's engagement party.

Aaron was disappointed that the Hawks training session fell at the same time as the party, so he came to the party with the boys for a little while and then ducked off to the training session at Aurora. He won't get to see them play tomorrow against Adelaide, so watching them train and getting autographs is the next best thing.

Noah and I stayed at the engagement party and caught up with everyone, and ate lots of yummy food.

Noah has had a pretty good week, until this morning. I knew he wasn't quite right when I picked him up from school yesterday, and this morning he woke up screaming, and has been all day. He settled for about 20 minutes or so at the party, but then started up again. It wasn't fun for anyone with him screaming, so I decided to bring him home. Simone was nice enough to give us a lift home and the funniest thing was me trying to climb through our bedroom window to get into the house, as I had no keys. I joked with Simone that we needed a photo for the blog, but lucky for me she was busy holding Noah and couldn't get to the camera at the same time. It would have been a sight seeing a hugely pregnant woman trying to get through the window!


  1. That would have been a great blog photo!!! What a shame???

  2. Oh Lisa, too bad we don't get to see the photo of that, how funny. Sure hope Noah settles down, give him a hug for us.

  3. What? the bloginators apprentice didn't dump the child and take a picture?? SIMONE !! Haha just kidding...would've have been great to see tho!

  4. Maybe we should reenact it for everyone!! He,he


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