Sunday, 13 April 2008

Mad House

Tonight was our monthly family tea at Mum and Dad's. With so many kids running around it gets very noisy, especially when my boys get revved up by Uncle Jared! :) It was the usual family tea night - I cut hair - no pics of that thank goodness. My huge stomach was covered in hair by the end of it!

The grandkids collected eggs with Grandma.

Not sure what Harri is saying here, but I think it is pretty much 'stay back chook, don't come any closer!!'. He is still petrified of them. Thanks Becky for capturing some great photos for me :)

LOTS of food (too much for my stomach to take in thanks to this baby taking up lots of space now!).

Noah being cranky and having to be held all night. The only time he stopped yelling was when he would doze off.

A phone call from Chrish who we wish was with us, rather than just on the phone.

And a new tradition suggested by Steph - a birthday cake for Maddi as it is her birthday later in the month. Now whenever someone is celebrating a birthday that month we are going to have a cake for them, on family tea night. January, June and September are going to have a number of people blowing out the candles.


  1. Don't forget the most important month of blowing out the candles. That is October of course with Nicki, Jared and Chloe all blowing the candles out.

  2. Yes I think Harri is saying "Stay back chook!" Noah looks like he is an angel and that baby that Grandma is holding looks like a real handful, probably the worst baby around!

  3. Love the pic of Harri and the chicken, he does look quite worried. Poor Noah sure hope he feels better quick. Such a sweet pic of him asleep.

  4. Okay 'anonymous'! I can't work out if it is Mum, Nicki, Alex or someone else :) Sorry - forgot October is a busy month for birthdays too. That baby that Mum is holding is a shocker - what a brat!!! :)

  5. I look forward to seeing your monthly family dinner posts. You always have such gorgeous country side photos...
    It's like i can almost smell the fresh air.
    I love being in the city, but miss country life too!


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