Monday, 28 April 2008

My Water Boys

It seems that all my boys are doing lately is swimming! Over the past month or so, we have been able to arrange that Noah has an extra swimming session during school time at Punchbowl. He always goes swimming on Tuesdays when he attends Newstead Heights School, but now on a Friday I drop off Di and Noah at NHS and they get to have an extra swimming session, before catching a maxi taxi back to Punchbowl for the day.

A couple of weeks ago Harri and I stayed to watch the swimming session.

Just getting Noah into the pool is an effort! Lots of the kids are able to sit up in plastic wheelchairs, that are pushed straight down a ramp, into the water. However Noah decides he likes the bed better :)

It actually makes me laugh about all the occupational health and safety issues that schools have. At home we have to make do with anything (or in a lot of cases - nothing!), but at school there are so many rules in place to make sure that people aren't lifting kids on their own and that they have the proper equipment.

There is a new Teacher In Charge who runs the swimming on a Friday who is so great with the kids. They have 4 kids in the pool at a time (each has an aide) and they do lots of singing and fun games.

It is nice seeing the kids smile as they relax in the warm water. Because kids with Cerebral Palsy are using the pool all the time, the water is as warm as a bath would be. Noah often gives lots of smiles while in the water, and usually falls asleep as it is so relaxing!

It is so nice for Noah to be in the pool twice a week, as it really helps him to relax and get lots of movement that he normally wouldn't get sitting in his wheelchair all day.


  1. That is great that Noah gets to use the pool twice a week

  2. Nice . to see Noah nice and happy in the pool .It must be so relaxing for him,taking all the pressure off his bones and muscles. I loved to get into the water when I was pregnant,especially with Eden, I felt like amermaid floating about although in actual fact I was the hugest hippo Love you Noah Grandma xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Lisa i still cant add new links to friennds and family at the side of my blog- I deleted what I had and created a new page element but the new one wont let me add them either!!!- the 'add link' button writing is grey instead of white and when I press it nothing happens! I dont know how to fix it :s Do you have any ideas?

  4. Noah looks so happy and relaxed in the water, such a great program for him.

  5. Noah looks like he is so relaxed and LOVING that!


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