Monday, 7 April 2008

So quiet

Today Noah went back to school, but unfortunately didn't have a very happy day, which we found out when we picked him up. It was so quiet without Noah home. Harri got used to spending a lot of time in my bedroom watching TV last week (trying to get away from Noah yelling), so today he wanted to lay on my bed and watch ABC kids again. I let him and after a little while I thought I might join him for a cuddle and a little lay down.

Harri asked me what I was doing and I said that I might have a little sleep and he said 'okay', which was good! I did the smart thing and set my alarm on my mobile just in case I really was lucky enough to fall asleep and 45 minutes later it went off, telling me it was time to get up so I could pick up the boys from school! I jumped up in a daze and next to me was Harri sound asleep too! He looked so cute.

The change from daylight savings has made us all a bit more tired than usual, so it was nice to have a lay down and a little nap. I carried him down to the van so we could pick up the boys and he woke up as I was putting him in his seat, and I said 'you had a sleep Harri!', and he said 'I love you too, Mum'. He was obviously half asleep as well :)


  1. that is so beautiful. i usually take a nap when belle does and hinckley often will come and snuggle up beside me once she has tired of playing and will drop off to sleep. only prob is if she sleeps too long she wont go to sleep in the evening till 9.30-10 o'clock! what a heart melting moment when Harri said "i love you too mom" - priceless.
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am taking lots of naps lately.... around the time dinner needs cooking.... !!! You must need it!

  3. How nice that you got a nap, love the sleeping pictures.

  4. Tell Jae I have found the other Gladiator cards. I went back again and found them . I have 6 more to give him Grandma xxxxx


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