Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Red Cross

Last year Aaron got a phone call from Red Cross asking him if he would be able to be a 'volunteer' collector for their March appeal. They said he just had to do his own street - Ellison Street. Ellison Street is where we used to live almost three years ago and it is a much smaller street than where we live now, so he agreed to do it, as it is still close to where we live.

This year they rang and asked him if he would do it again. He agreed and of course he decided to leave it to the very last day of March to do it! :) He came home from school complaining that he had a headache and had to go out collecting, so I told him that I would come too and we would take the two boys while Di had Noah, and do half the street each.

Harri decided he wanted to go with Aaron, and Jay came with me on the left side of the street as he really wanted to knock on the door of our old house. Every few houses I would hear Harri start screaming as a dog would come to the door when the owner would open up their door. I couldn't stop laughing and was glad that Aaron had Harri with him and I had Jay!

When Jay and I got to our old house the lady went to get us some money and Jay goes 'I remember one day when I was running through this door and you were trying to catch me because I was being naughty'. I hope he had some good memories of the house too! :)

It was lots of fun and even though half the people weren't home we collected around $50. Not heaps, but as they say every little bit counts :)

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  1. Aaron looks very handsome! I would give him 5 dollars seeing he was so dressed up and official looking. Mum xxxx


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