Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Noah's 'new' carer

Today Noah's 'new' carer Angie, starts doing In Home Support after school. She isn't really 'new' to us, as Angie was Noah's second aide at school last year. This year Di is his full time aide as they needed Angie to work with another boy with special needs in Kinder. Angie had mentioned to Di that she was after some extra work after school, so we jumped at the chance to grab her to do 4 hours of In home Support. We haven't been able to use our 8 hours a week of In Home Support, since Bridget left at the end of last year.

It is great to have Angie as she already knows Noah and all of us. She also has a son who has special needs, who is a lot older. She asked me if it is hard to have people in the home as she couldn't imagine ever having In Home Support herself if it was available back then, and I told her that it actually is hard at first. At first I didn't want any In Home Support as it's hard having 'strangers' come into your home, especially while you are having tea etc and you just want to have quiet family time, but we started to really appreciate the help in the home as Noah got older.

It is also great for Noah to have the physio and massages that he needs everyday, and it gives us more time to spend with the other boys without having to worry too much about Noah. I told Angie that now we just appreciate the help, and you get used to other people being in the house.


  1. Congrats on finding a new carer for Noah. Sounds like she will be great.

  2. What a relief! That will make things so much easier when Barry comes along in 4 and a half wks!! Sorry to remind you. C ya at the gym tomorrow.

  3. I'm glad you've got the extra help (things might get a bit busier in the coming months!). I like your big autumn tree too - yes, Win has a new camera which is good because I don't have to take the photos anymore. I claim I don't know how to use the heavy camera.


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