Friday, 25 April 2008


Every ANZAC Day we go out to Deloraine to watch Pop in the parade. I still remember marching with the school as a kid, and seeing Pop march down the street. As the years have gone on he has gone from marching down the street (and being very particular about marching in time with everyone else!) , to driving his scooter, to being driven in his car, and the last couple of years being driven on his scooter. Every year we make the comment that it is sad as it may be his last year that he will get to march, but every year he is there without fail :) As we got in the van this morning I heard Jay say to Harri that 'we are going to the ANZAC parade - its a special day where we say sorry to the people that died in the war, and say thank you to the others who went to war for us'. I doubt Harri had any idea what he was meaning, but it is nice that Jay understands the meaning of the day.

Good old Deloraine lived up to its usual reputation, and was foggy and a bit drizzly at the start of the march.

The boys loved watching the bands and everyone march down the street.

Dad and Pop were no where to be seen with the men and women marching, so we all thought they had totally missed it! They appeared right at the end though. Aaron said they must have been the grand finale. Pop even saw us when we called out to him and gave us a little wave :)

The commemorative service was quite short, but it was good to see a big turn out as usual.

After the service we ran into Nan who commented that I was 'looking quite pregnant'! She was a lot more polite to me than Uncle Jim who told me he was going to take a photo of me, but needed his wide lens!

Unfortunately Mum was home, sick (vomiting) and Chloe also hasn't been feeling very well so wasn't her usual self either. The good thing though was that Noah had the best day that he has had in a long time. He was so happy and settled all day - even giving us lots of smiles. It was nice to have him so happy again. We aren't holding our breath that it will last, but fingers crossed that tomorrow will be another good day.


  1. Looks like a good day even with the drizzle. Pop looked good which was great to see.

    Would have been nice to be there with all you guys.

  2. Noah looks great in that photo. Much happier! We were at the Westbury parade. Anzac Day always makes me emotional - remembering my own Pop.

  3. I avoid going to them cause I feel stupid cause they always make me so emotional. I love listening to the Last Post. Glad Noah is happy, hope it continues.

  4. Looks like everyone had a very nice time. What exactly is ANZAC Day?
    So glad to see Noah smiling again, tell him to keep up the smiles.

  5. Lovely photos of your family!

  6. I'm glad you've got the good camera at ANZAC day this year to take pics of Pop. Traditions are important and you're doing a great job carrying them on!


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