Friday, 4 April 2008

A long week

This week has been very long and different for Harri and I. Usually we are busy while the boys are at school, doing jobs etc but this week we have spent the entire week at home with Noah. It turns out that when Noah was in hospital two weeks ago they sent us home too early. Within a couple of days of being home he started crying again and was back to his old miserable self.

I rang his paediatrician who said to bring him down that day and he would see him. He asked if they had done another tummy x ray before sending us home and I told him that they hadn't, so he sent us off to have one done. We came straight back with the x ray and his Dr said that his bowels were still pretty full and that they hadn't actually cleared his bowel out properly, but sent us home too early (lovely subject I know!). He sent us home with instructions of what to do to get his bowels cleaned out properly, and a week later we are still trying to get his bowels sorted out.

It has been a very fun week (not!). The lounge room is covered with old towels and plastic mats to save a lot of mess and Noah has been going from being very happy, to very upset and uncomfortable to being happy again.

We still have a way to go until he is really cleaned out, but we are getting there. He has been getting lots of tummy pains as the medication works on his bowels and has decided that sleeping in our bed is a lot more comfortable than his own, so Aaron has taken up residence on a mattress on the floor.

Harri has been great, even though he has been stuck at home all week. He has been a great help running to get me nappies etc when I need them. Whenever I ask him to get me a nappy he asks in disbelief 'another one!?!'. Today he was lucky to be picked up by Jacquie, Ty and Callum for a picnic at the park. He was hanging out all morning for them to come and told me that I wasn't allowed to come with them and had to stay home! He had a great time.

Noah was settled this afternoon, so we took the opportunity to get out and go to the Kickstart session at the Kinder at school. Harri was so excited when he knew we were going and kept asking if his friend Sarah was going to be there. When we walked in he couldn't see her and got very upset and said 'Sarah isn't here!', but then he spotted her and was so happy.

We had a music session again today and the kids loved singing 'Der glumph went the little green frog', while bouncing some frogs around on some material.

The music teacher that comes in is great and has lots of different fun songs and activities for the kids to do.

Hopefully over the weekend things will settle down and Noah can get back to school on Monday.


  1. That must have been so uncomfortable for Noah. You do a marvelous job and what a good little helper Harri is...hope a good weekend is to follow.

  2. I hope Noah is feeling better soon (before you run out of towels :)

  3. oh, poor Noah sure hope he is feeling better very soon.
    Junior sends him a big get well hug.

  4. The poor thing. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!!!! Love you all [(especially you beautiful Noah) oh and lets not forget BARRY ;p)


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