Thursday, 10 April 2008

Fresh Air

Today our floorboards in the kitchen were being sanded and varnished. I knew it would smell, so Harri and I stayed out of the house most of the morning. When I got home I got to the front door and the smell was coming through the door! It was so strong, and it was only the first coat! The guy told me he had two more to do and that the second coat is even worse.

I think we lasted about half an hour at home before we had to get away. Pip and Oliver were coming for a visit before Oliver's swimming lesson, so we decided to get some fresh air at the park.

I haven't seen Oliver for a while. Its hard to believe that he is almost 1! He is such a cutie.

He had never been on a slide before, and absolutely loved it. He would get a huge smile every time Pip would put him at the top.

It was nice to get out, especially as it was such a nice day.

We now have half our kitchen in the lounge room again (including the fridge!) until the last coat is put on the floor tomorrow afternoon.


  1. oh oliver is such a cutie! the year has gone so fast. i love his little hat too. hope you guys cope tonight with the smelly floors!

  2. Looks like Harri had a great time at the park, weather looks so nice.

  3. Oh Lisa
    I sooooooooo sympathise! you can seriously smell it from meters away (with doors closed) as if you were in the house! When we had it done we were not living there at the time and it was bad enough then- took days withthe windows and doors open to get rid of the smell- it is worse for you though as it will go through all the clothes and carpet etc. There is actually a varnish out that doesn't leave that smell (only the timber flooring place next to the cinema uses it- and they charge a fortune!) Just think of the end result! :)


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