Saturday, 19 April 2008

Warm Autumn Days

The weather lately has been unbelievable for Tassie weather. It did get cold for a week or so, but warmed up again. Aaron and I switched our doona on our bed from the Summer one to our Winter one about a month ago, but then it got warm again, so we had to switch it back! I even went out and bought the boys some new winter PJ's and then it warmed up! The last week or so we have been having such warm Autumn days with the sun shining and mild nights as well. Of course we tell Steph that our weather is always like this :)

Today we thought we had better make the most of the nice days that we have left and took the boys to the park.

They loved playing in the Autumn leaves.

And of course no trip to City Park is complete without a visit to the monkeys.


  1. Looks like you guys had a nice day at the park. Seems very strange to see the autumn leaves when we are having spring here.

  2. lucky you getting some decent autumn weather - we haven't seen the sun in about a fortnight!


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