Tuesday, 15 April 2008


It nice for the boys to be able to spend a lot of time with their cousins lately. Today Chloe came and spent the day with Harri and I, while Eden and Steph checked things out for their kitchen.

After lunch we decided to take Chloe for a play at Punchbowl Reserve. Steph said she hadn't been there before and she loved seeing and feeding the ducks (she did share some of the bread with herself as well! :)

It was such a nice Autumn day - I love days like today where it is sunny but not too hot. Harri loved helping Chloe and showing her all the fun things to do.

Harri kept saying 'Chloe is my friend' and I kept reminding him that she was his cousin. Sometimes he calls her 'Uncle Chloe'. I think it will take him a while to work it all out.

It was nice to spend the day with Chloe. I think she is getting used to us now :)

She was very excited to pick up the boys from school. She was so happy to see Noah and said 'No No!' and gave him a kiss. All the way home she kept asking 'No No?', because he was behind her in the van and she couldn't see him. It is so nice how most kids respond to him and are excited to see him.


  1. Love that photo of Harri and Chloe!

  2. Cute little girl! 'Uncle Chloe'?? Harri cracks me up! (She doesn't look like Chrish).

  3. Oh those pictures are adorable. The one of them hugging is just too cute

  4. What a scruffy little girl...anyone would think she did not have a mother :)
    Thanks again for having her, she has been saying Jay Jay and No No for the past two days (I think she finds it easier to say their names then Harri).


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