Friday, 30 March 2012

iPod memories

Every morning as we drive to school Harri listens to the songs that we used at Aaron's funeral, as he scrolls through family photos.  Just after Aaron died he would do it on the way to school, and would be crying the whole time.  By the time he got to school he was a wreck. 

Instead now he just loves looking at the photos and talks about different things that he remembers. 

This morning he kept looking at this photo of Aaron and me, which was taken in July last year as we were about to head off to watch the Hawks V Lions.  He then made it his wallpaper on his iPod and told me it was his favourite photo and he wanted me to put it in a frame, so he could put it on the table on his side of the bed (he is still sleeping in my bed).

The funniest thing was that he told me that Aaron's cheeks looked like Noah's as they were chubby in that photo 'because of the scarf'.  I laughed and told Harri that it wasn't the scarf - it was just that Dad and I were both happily chubby at the time :)


  1. You do such amazing things with your kids. I can totally feel the love you all share. I am so sorry for your losses. Ive lost a son and that is super hard. I can only imagine loosing your husband as well. Please know i think of you often and pray for your family!

  2. I think you are helping him heal by allowing him the full expression of his feelings and just letting him move through his process. That can't be easy, and I admire you.


  3. I'm definitely not letting my boys know that harri has his own ipod ;) I love that photo of you and Aaron too. x


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