Friday, 23 March 2012

Hawks flowers

Yesterday I had the whole day to myself thanks to Simone who took Kobe for the day.  I didn't get to relax much as I had heaps to do and raced around all day to appointments, but was so glad that I could finally go to find some artificial flowers for Aaron's grave.  I just find there just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment.

As soon as I saw these brown and gold ones I knew I had to get them!

After I picked up the boys from school we took them up to the cemetery.  I showed Harri them as soon as he got in the car, and he said 'that's actually awesome!!!'. I hope Aaron is appreciating the Hawthorn touch.

I also got Noah some new ones which really brightened things up.

I wish I could have fresh flowers up there all the time, but these are the next best thing along with the potted plants.


  1. I agree...

    Have you considered buying grass seed and getting the grass growing on your own? Know the grave yard tenders will get to it but might be a project for your boys. Throwing the seeds and watering as they do so lovingly for Noah.

    Thinking of you and yours. Hoping today is a 'good' one for you all.

  2. Stunning KNOW Aaron is smiling.

  3. They are beautiful.

    There is a wholesale flower shoP on high street open all weekends that sell cheap flowers with bunches from as low as $8 if not less, I've seen the same ones for $15 or more in flower shops. They are good value


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