Monday, 5 March 2012

Backyard Blitz - part 1

We have been so blessed to have so many amazing people help us in the last 5 weeks.  We've been blown away by the fundraising that has taken place, and so many lovely things that people have been doing for us (even saying 'we' seems strange as I don't know who I'm talking about anymore - I guess 'we' means me and my boys, and I don't want to say 'I' because that makes it more real that Aaron isn't here anymore). 

A couple of days after Aaron's funeral, his cousin Tracey and her daughter Jessi-Rose called in to drop off some yummy brownies they had made.  Aaron taught Jessi-Rose at school a few years back.  I actually wasn't home when they called in, but they saw that our house and yard obviously wasn't finished.  

They came back a few days later with some very exciting news.  They decided to approach a professional landscaper (Patrick Graham) and told him about our situation and he agreed along with the Landscapers Association of Tasmania, to do a 'backyard blitz' on our whole yard - front and back!

The entire 'backyard blitz' is actually happening in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime there have been lots of other jobs to do around the yard and house to get prepared for it to happen.

One of the main things was we needed a plumber and I have been so lucky to have Grant Chugg Plumbing agree to do the rest of the plumbing to get the outside ready for the landscaping.

A big job that needed to be done before the landscapers come in, is getting all the concrete paths done.  While Chrish was down he helped my brothers Eden and Jared box up the paths for the concrete.  The boys were having a great laugh about Aaron's raised veggie boxes not being square.  Aaron was so proud of his veggie boxes, until he knew my brothers (who are builders) were coming around for a BBQ and he then knew he was going to get stirred for them not being quite straight.  I'm sure he was up there watching them having a laugh about it, and was laughing himself as they all loved to stir each other.

I would've loved my front entrance to be done while Noah was still alive as it was such a pain to get him in and out of the house in the wheelchair, especially as the driveway wasn't done for a long time.  It's so nice to finally be getting it done.

A few weeks ago Jared and Eden came and did some other jobs inside that needed to be finished.

It's so nice to finally have our bathroom totally finished.

Last Saturday was very exciting as the footpaths, front entrance and a slab out the side was poured.  Tracey had her family come along to help, and Jessi-Rose's boyfriend Jorden is a concreter which was awesome, as he came along to help do the prep work before the concrete was poured and stayed all day and helped out with the concreting.  He did a great job.

Tracey and Jessi-Rose had approached a few companies to see if they could donate the concrete and Hazel Brothers agreed, which was amazing as concrete isn't cheap.  I feel so blessed and lucky that people are showing us so much love and support right now. 

Eden asked a few of our friends to come and help out on Saturday if they were free, and it was so nice to have them all come so early to help out. I felt bad that I was stealing them away on a Saturday morning, but I think everyone enjoyed being together, despite the hard work.  Because we had so many helpers the work got done so quickly.

To get ready for the landscaping to happen in a couple of weeks, there has to be a lot of plumbing work done outside first.  This means digging a trench right down the side of the house.  I felt bad for the guys who dug most of the day, but they did an amazing job.

They also started getting the back ready for the retaining wall to go in.   There was a lot of jokes about footy and how they could say whatever they wanted about it since Aaron wasn't around.  It's nice to know that everyone knows that it's okay to have a joke (especially at Aaron's expense!) as that's what Aaron would want. 

It's so nice to finally be getting the work done around the house and yard, and I'm excited to have the yard done in a couple of weeks. I can't even imagine what it will look like, after living in an unfinished house for over 16 months.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to have it done, but so sad at the same time that Aaron isn't here to enjoy it as well.


  1. You deserve a beautiful garden to enjoy. A quiet place to enjoy memories of Aaron & Noah and a happy place to make more memories with your boys.

  2. I loved reading about this. How beautiful that so many people want to help and be there for. You and the boys really do deserve it Lisa. Can't wait to see it all after the blitz! Blanche xx

  3. so fantastic. Patrick and his wife are just superb. Just last month I shot his step daughters wedding. How amazing are the hearts of so many people.

  4. How awesome of everyone to pitch in to help you get your house & yard finished! Friends are the best, huh?

  5. so lovely!!

    and I'm so amazed at the things GROWING in your yard... it's hard to imagine when we're SURROUNDED by snow here.

  6. I am so happy to see that your friends and neighbors are supporting you as they are.

    People can be so wonderful, can't they?


  7. What an awesome memory to have that so many people love Aaron, you and the boys. When we give service it helps the person we are giving the service to but also help us in so many ways.
    You and your family deserve to be treated to this wonderful back yard. Your kids will love it and you will find it so restful.
    Enjoy it, I am sure that Aaron is grateful that you are being helped, while he can't be here to help you.
    As I read you blog everyday I am amazed with you and your strength. Take care of yourself.

  8. Bless them all xx

  9. That is so exciting, I can't wait to see the finished product! Tender mercies + wonderfully willing people; what an awesome combination xx

  10. It's great to see that you are getting so much support! :D Can't wait to see it all after the Backyard Blitz!! You deserve all the help you are getting :D

  11. I feel so grateful that so many are coming to help! You deserve it! I'm sure it's a great blessing for those who are helping as well. I know there are probably many who are wanting to help, but not knowing how, so what a great way to lift one and all!

  12. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. It is so nice to know that there are still people out there who are giving, kind and bless those who deserve or need it. I am so glad that you will have all the things done around the house in order for you to have one less thing to worry about. ~S

  13. How wonderful to have such great and giving people surrounding you at this time.

  14. Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product in a couple of weeks - hope you took some good "before" shots to compare it with! x

  15. I am SO happy that you have such amazing love and support. What a lovely gift to have your house/yard finally finished. Amazing what love can do.

  16. Wow! You have amazing friends. Can't wait to see what it looks like when its finished. I have lots of blogs to catch up on, this was a good place to start. Amazing :)

  17. Fantastic! I can't wait to see the pictures when it's all finished.


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