Sunday, 4 March 2012

Uncle Chrish

My brother Christian (affectionately known as 'Chrish' or 'Uncle Chrish) was pretty much Aaron's best friend. Even though he lives in Sydney, we would see him at least 3-4 times a year, whether it was him coming down to stay here,  or us going up to stay with him in Sydney.

Often Chrish would ring us up, but not to talk to me. It was always to chat to Aaron about the sports results (of whatever sport was on at the time!).

As awful as it was that Aaron passed away when Chrish was down on his latest holiday, I'm just so glad that he was here with us. I'm sure it would've been so much harder for him to be in Sydney when it happened. He was also with us when Noah passed away, and stayed in the room as we all said goodbye to him.

Chrish actually came down before we went away on our family holiday to St Helens, so it was nice that he had spent some time with Aaron and the boys over the weekend, as I was away taking photos at a wedding.  They had a fun day playing mini golf together and just hanging out.  Chrish shared some of his feelings about the last days with Aaron on his own blog.  Be prepared to have tissues if you read it :)

After Aaron passed away, Mum stayed with us for a couple of week, and Chrish extended his trip and helped me out with anything I needed, especially helping with the boys. The boys loved having him here, and it was nice for them to have some fun with him, despite how sad and shocked they were that Aaron had passed away.  It was a nice distraction for them.

Poor Chrish was worn out by the King boys!  I'm sure he was glad to finally get back to Sydney to have a rest! ;)

We've had a few chats and of course we would love him to move back to Tassie, but really want him to move down for himself and not just for us.  We would love to have him around all the time, but I told him that even though the boys would love it, it won't fix things.  I really just want him to move when he's ready - when he has found a job, sold his house and is ready to move. 

So if anyone knows of some good jobs going in Tassie let us know. He is a courier with Star Track Express in Sydney, so he drives trucks all around the city every day.  

In the meantime enjoy the peace and quiet Chrish, because if you moved back home to Tassie there wouldn't be much time to have nanna naps on the couch, with all your nieces and nephews jumping all over you, wanting you to play all the time. 


  1. I think his new name should be "SUPER CHRISH"!!! xxx

  2. All our children are very lucky to have Chrish as their uncle and you are lucky to have him as your brother (as he is to have you as his sister). I love it that you said 'when' he moves down not 'if' he moves down.

  3. You really are lucky to have each other. You have a great close bond. You hear of so many families that fight and just can't be there for each other in times of need.

  4. Chrish just came for dinner and Mason bagsed the seat next to him and Mickey was on his best behaviour as per usual.?We love him! (got a job for him but in the wrong state ;)

  5. Amen to Steph's comment!! He is the best really hey x Life jsut wouldn't be as rich without uncle chrish/ cwish/pish

  6. What a perfect brother to have. The boys are very blessed to have an uncle like him!

  7. Brothers are awesome. Glad your boys have him.

  8. I'm so glad he was here too. As unimaginably hard as it was for everyone that night, I go cold at the thought of it happening on your own. xx

    I'm sure my kids would love to adopt Uncle Chrish too. :)

  9. I agree with Simone, so fortunate he was there that terrible night.

    My heart breaks for him on the loss of his dear friend and brother in law. And for you and the boys too of course.

    What a great uncle and brother he sounds to be.

  10. I'm glad your brother is there for you and the boys. That will make such a difference for all of you, and i'm sure his best buddy appreciates it.


  11. I love Uncle Chrish. He's pretty great! :) Now if only he'll move back. xxx


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